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These complications are also expected to be low when the procedure is done correctly, but again, it's too soon to know exactly how that will shake out. Other side effects may include vomiting, diarrhea, appetite loss, and lethargy. In a few weeks, once he was rid of the sperm he had already made, he would be sterile for the rest of his life.


Since the dog does not have to be put under general anesthesia, there is no risk of complications associated with anesthesia. A dog will recover more quickly from sedation than from anesthesia, so he'll be able to go home earlier in the day. On the one hand: As you can see from the above discussion, there are pros and cons for each procedure and it all comes down to what is more important to you. Isn't an injection better than cutting? Testosterone is a steroid which affects metabolism and various physiologic process in many ways. The biggest difference between surgical castration and this male dog neutering procedure is the production level of testosterone. What Exactly is Zeutering? As we all know, testosterone is responsible for all the undesirable behaviors of male dogs, such as roaming, marking, mounting other dogs, and so on. Some other countries Bolivia, Columbia, Mexico and Panama have already been using this drug under another name for some time. The injection has to be given slowly and the needle has to be positioned precisely. Posted by a bleary DZ at the fabulous but overwhelming ScienceOnline unconference. Complications with zeutering include the development of ulcerations or even necrosis of the scrotum. To Zeuter or Neuter? I'm not convinced that that place is in a shelter though some shelter vets disagree with me. That requires a veterinarian. For example, some studies have found that there is a correlation between neutering and an increase in the risk of developing certain types of cancer e. I'm also not convinced it's in a general practice veterinary clinic for the average owner, although I think some owners will prefer Zeuterin both for avoiding general anesthesia and for maintaining a higher testosterone level, and of course for keeping the dog's balls. The place I really see this product is for performing neutering outside of the veterinary clinic, for example, in low income areas of the US where the population has difficulty getting their animals to a veterinary clinic, either for lack of transportation or for lack of enough committment to follow through with an appointment for surgery. Saving the veterinarian's time is a big bonus. Pros and Cons of Zeutering Just like the traditional neutering procedure, zeutering also comes with pros and cons. The time for recovery is shorter. This male dog neutering procedure does not require general anesthesia, but sedation may be needed because the letter "Z" will be tattooed on the groin area to identify the dog as "zeutered". But we tell people that really training is better for that sort of thing anyway. Zeutered dogs still have their testicles, although atrophied and therefore somewhat smaller in size. I think there is, but it's not clear yet exactly what it will be. Surgical castration of a dog requires full anesthesia.


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  1. The biggest difference between surgical castration and this male dog neutering procedure is the production level of testosterone. On the one hand:

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