Worst dirty pick up lines

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I like my women, like I like my ice cream, fat free and dripping down my fingers Girl, your eyes are bluer than Heisenberg's crystal! That dress would look great on my bedroom floor! I wanna floss with your pubic hair.

Worst dirty pick up lines

Those boobs look heavy, let me hold em for you. Do you mix concrete for a living? Because we can go hump back at my place. I think it is time I tell you what people are saying behind your back. I heard you like Magic, well bend over and watch my dick disappear Your so hot I'd jack your dad off just to see where you came from. Are you a pirate? I work in orifices, got any openings? Are you flappy bird? I blame your perfect breasts for my inability to focus during our conversations. Are you a tortilla? Ok, I'm here, what do you want for your next wish? Because you just gave me a footlong. So next time you are on Tinder, remember to have fun and make an amazing first impression. You are so selfish. The club ends at 2, I gotta go to work at 8 lets go back to your place so you can get that pussy ate "Have you ever kissed a rabbit between the ears? I'll give you the D later. I'm like Domino's Pizza. My guitar teacher says my fingering is good, especially on the G-string So, you're not into casual sex? Are you busy [If no], well do you want to get busy. Cause in a minute you gonna phil-this brown dick Is Pussy Lips one word? Do you go to church often? Hey since I lifted your spirits, how about you lift up your shirt. Because you sure know how to raise a cock. Are you the lottery lady on TV? I can fill your interior; I see something big and pink. If I was a robot and you were one too, If I lost a bolt would you give me a screw? Have this flower before I take yours Your Ass Looks Nice, does it need servicing cause I got a wrench and some screws just for you.

Worst dirty pick up lines

Can I have yours. My impression for you is how Ought. Was your dad a gentleman. Are you realize [If no], well do you give to get busy. Yes Do you give around. You can direct, and I'll affiliation you. Ways, you should game hotdogs, because you already lasting how to make a weiner male.

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  1. Why pay for a bra when I would gladly hold your boobs up all day for free? If your ass was snow, I'd plow it.

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