Why are guys quiet during sex

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It takes concentration and effort for a man to perform intercourse well. No one wants to have a discussion about the meaning of life during sex, but we can all agree that there needs to be some noise happening otherwise sex can just be plain boring , right? Moaning and such during sex is generally seen as a feminine thing. Just sit there in silence basking in the amazing sensations.

Why are guys quiet during sex

A big part of it is the way guys have been conditioned from a young age to curb their emotions, says Pelling. And being relaxed is kind of a requisite to being able to let go and be vocal during sex. Here are a few men answering the most common question we want to ask our boyfriends - WHY are you so quiet during sex? Because it is embarrassing Matt Hearnden answers on Quora: Women are pretty vocal about it, guys just aren't. Once I got more comfortable I started being real vocal. Remember the first time you met him? To do so requires effort and concentration. It's not your responsibility to change anyone, but you can encourage them. Goldstein says that women can take their sexual assurance from other cues: Share it with the gang! A man making love to himself is not considered a sight to behold- at least according to a few who were candid about their views on guys versus girls masturbating, whereas a woman being naughty with herself is viewed as hot and sexy. Men can sometimes feel unsexy and downright embarrassed by letting out a moan. Also, some guys might see moaning as a feminine thing and just suppress any noise they make during sex, or it could even mean he is being extra careful of nosy neighbors! Some men can come out as shy if they are uncomfortable around you or, it could simply mean he is naturally a silent-lover! It's probably because we're embarrassed. Even if we want to, which is rare I think, we generally won't because it just feels awkward or embarrassing to do so. I mean, for reals, the talking was what got us into bed, now it's time for action. But the real question is; which can you do well, while doing the other? Is his silence an issue of control? Sex and relationship coach Chantelle Austin says that while it might be disheartening when you don't receive audio reassurance from your partner it doesn't mean that he isn't having a great time with you: Years and years of having to masturbate quietly for fear of being caught by parents or siblings or roommates, I would imagine. Couples need to ask these kinds of questions. So his chat between the sheets is lacking? A Reddit user shares his thoughts in a thread: If you do, then chances are high that you probably remember the first time you had sex with him. If it doesn't come naturally, you just shouldn't do it.

Why are guys quiet during sex

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