Western vs asian love

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A big part of it probably comes down to something as simple and essential as parenting style. Statistics shows that children of tiger parents tend to develop more aggression and depression and have poorer social skills. This is the Asian love culture. Image via xarolehta But it does come at a cost:

Western vs asian love

The PISA Programme for International Student Assessment is a triennial international survey which tests year-old students worldwide in mathematics, science and reading. Otherwise can be said with Western women. As cutting as they may be, however, parents are still looking out for our best interests. Asian women, on the other hand, sometimes needs to consult with her parents especially when it comes to marriage. Image via arvlie So perhaps the answer is to have high expectations of your children and push them to achieve them. Relationship — In the West means mutual decision of both parties to be a couple. Western parents are generally more forgiving when their children don't do as well, and will still offer praise, or may sit their child down for a talk but will studiously avoid making the child feel inadequate - nor will they label their child negatively for their academic results. Image via gurl While respecting authority is still a priority, some Western parents try to take a different approach by establishing a friendship with their children. We were raised with the Confucian virtue of filial piety, and Asian parents generally expect a lot from their children as a result. This is the Asian love culture. This may, however, lead to a lack of respect for parental figures and a risk that a child may overly emphasise their right of self-expression at the cost of being considerate to the feelings of others. This is for your own good! This generally happens in the Asian love culture but not all the time, of course. But never make your love for them dependent on the outcome. You may be thinking that love is a universal language and it basically is. Being outspoken is encouraged, and there is less psychological distance created by the age gap between children and adults as a result. Respect for authority VS Sticking it to the man Asian parents generally have an autocratically-inclined way of raising their children, and questioning authority at any time is seen as being disrespectful. Image via xarolehta But it does come at a cost: While both Western and Asian parenting styles come with their own set of merits, they can also lead to extremes, and every child responds differently. Work comes first most of the time in an Asian relationship and neither party can complain if one skips a dinner date because of over time work. Image via tigermomsays Western parents, on the other hand, are ever conscious of how their words may affect their children, which is why they may sugarcoat by saying something along the lines of You did well, honey, but… When reprimanding, they focus on disapproval and how the child has made them feel ie. How can this help? Constructive, not destructive, criticism can go a long way. While this has the benefit of actively creating something of a sanctuary, it can also lead to a child becoming more prone to making mistakes since their parents will always pick up the consequences anyway. Academics VS Self-esteem Asian parents place great emphasis on academic results - anything less than an A and it is dishonor.

Western vs asian love

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  1. We are expected to make them proud and to care for them as they have for us. Random dating vs Dating in your circle.

  2. They assume their kids are strong enough to take such comments and improve as a result. Being outspoken is encouraged, and there is less psychological distance created by the age gap between children and adults as a result.

  3. Image via lovelydisney Western parents, on the other hand, encourage individuality and self-expression. You will find very little women who sacrifice career for family in the United States.

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