Virgo man in love with pisces woman

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When really he spends way too much money on his cars and doesn't spend enough time on caring for his girlfriends. When assured of love, she makes the most caring partner for the Virgo man. Oh, and he didn't want a serious 'thing' - just for us to enjoy each other's company - which we certainly did, as we had so much in common with interests, family life and chemistry! I may not be your typical pisces. I have good news now, we have reconciled.

Virgo man in love with pisces woman

We were friends for about two years before we became serious. I'd be in tears after we'd parted, due to the intense times we spent together. If you can do this, you will be rewarded with a loyal partner who,when he says and the few times he does "I love you" you know it is for real and not bull. If she gets all the assurance and securities in life, the Pisces woman can be a wonderful, romantic, and devoted partner to her man. He liked to plan but what broke us up was his controlling nature, he wanted to put me into a routine and control me. I am praying, and wishing on that lucky star, he is the one x I am a Pisces woman and my Virgo man and I have been friends for a long time and the connection is there but I guess if we were to take our friendship to a relationship things could get heated real quick, in a great way It has been on and off fighting lately so I don't think it will last. We did talk, but we were never really close but not for a lack of me trying, believe me On one occasion, we went to a friends house and got pretty high and we kissed TWICE on the lips. I love my Virgo man with all my heart, and that means making it work, and giving him his space. We are both 21 and started going out freshman year in high school. We are now 21 and 20 his bday is Sep. I am in love with a Pisces woman myself Click here to continue I don't know how to tell him I like him when he's always with his friends. I am a Pisces woman who had an affair with a Virgo man, and it is all so stereotypical.. Cant break it off because he has threatened to make my life a living hell and even though ive tried a dozen times to talk to him and end it in a good civil way he goes crazy, temper goes to the highest, to the pt of breaking things and then calms down cries and says that he cant live without me I am a Pisces Female, and I have been with my Virgo Male for seven years. We were alone in his room for about a minute and he broke the silence by telling me I looked pretty. They married March The thing is that Virgos tend to be controlling while Pisces are submissive. Broke up with my boyfriend at d time to be with him. I thougth at first it was just me being negative and nasty due to my birth control. You are both very sensitive and so where differences arise it is more than possible that you will appreciate and understand each other enough to let love prevail. But now I see im shocked and amazed,havent experienced the sex part yet,but he said are you sure ready? How can I win him over? I am dating a Virgo man a wonderful man. He allows me to dream, he allows me to be rebellious when I disagree, and he always makes me laugh.

Virgo man in love with pisces woman

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  1. While the physical attraction will be strong and the romance factor may even be fantastic at times, it's the core relationship structure that will need reinforcement if these two are going to have a successful relationship. All I know is that I really love him

  2. He is such a good lover, always showeres me with attention and love, he loves to talk and can talk for hours. So I got in touch with him again a decade later and I was surprised to find those exact same feelings still there.

  3. If they do marry, Pisces will be able to be a clinging vine to a resolute Virgo who helps her with everything. I know we are just friends but what we have is really strong

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