Turkey cide

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By contrast, the hills and valleys running up to the coast proved to be much more suitable terrain for detecting Pre-and Protohistoric evidence. Thissen ; Efe ; Schoop Some fine mineral temper, perhaps coil built. The church is built over a cave which shows a number of modifications such as a walled off entrance and niches hewn into the cave walls, and seems to have served as a storage cellar.

Turkey cide

Dark grey core with small mineral temper. It also allowed us to cover a relatively large area in a relatively short time-span: During the survey we did not find anything pre-dating the Roman period in these flat areas. At both caves there are crosses incised or hewn into the rock. The walkers used counters to record sherd densities and collected diagnostic ceramics, lithics, small finds as well as potentially Pre-and Protohistoric non-diagnostic sherds. The first consists of tapping into local knowledge. Most of the Cide villages are situated on valley slopes in the hinterland. Both caves are in remote locations and difficult to reach and might, thus, have been the residences of hermits. However, few actual threshing sledge chips were found, which typically tend to be triangular with one blunt, high gloss side, because the actual threshing would have taken place elsewhere. We therefore concluded that standard tract walking was a methodology not suited for most landscapes within our survey area. Both burials had been illegally excavated. Pottery from these periods is also common, but densities are somewhat lower. The first difficulty we encountered was the identification of suitable tract walking areas, due to the scarcity of large field systems. Exterior surface jet black and burnished, interior greenish grey and smoothed. By contrast, only few finds could be assigned to the Hellenistic period. For the Late Bronze Age this result is not entirely unexpected. By contrast, the hills and valleys running up to the coast proved to be much more suitable terrain for detecting Pre-and Protohistoric evidence. Surface colours range from brownish red to jet black. Gedenk-tschriftfur Nemejcova-Pavukova, Springer, Rahden: Recorded sherd densities increased with more targeted inspection of areas with good visibility. Although we have not found handles with knobs on the shoulder in Cide so far, we did find body sherds at a number of locations, whose fabrics, firing, and surface treatments closely resemble those of the fifth millennium assemblages in Devrek. The corner points of these units were fed into GPS receivers and located and marked in the field. We also found two hermit caves or cave sanctuaries. First, we selected a large sloping area that has suffered from substantial erosion. Ludwig Reichert Verlag, Wiesbaden. Finally, we would like to thank our team of 9 archaeologists from five different countries: Late Quarternary vegetation of the Near East , Dr.

Turkey cide

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  1. These are situated on steep rock outcrops, surrounded by a fortification with several square towers.

  2. At present, ploughed fields are extremely rare and meadows cover any extant fields. The forms include open coarse bowls with flat bases and vertical burnishing, a fine ware holemouth shape, one beaded rim, and a large handle with a false twist Fig.

  3. A similar complex has been documented at Kirazdere southwest Cide, Kastamonu Museum files.

  4. At both caves there are crosses incised or hewn into the rock. Dark grey core with small mineral temper.

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