Top 10 emo

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If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. Whether playing with Bright Eyes or his Mystic Valley Band, whether clean shaven or bearded, whether wearing a cardigan or not wearing a cardigan, Oberst is a thinking woman's sex symbol. But at the end of the day, everyone falls asleep. Had Queen been furiously insane, they might have made a record like Three Cheers. The harmonies on the album are great, but the depressive lyrical matter falls like bricks from five stories high.

Top 10 emo

A piece of the past sticks like a shard of glass in singer Guy Picciotto's throat, causing him to bleed out into the arms of a stranger he seeks comfort in. The keyboards were a key playing in helping The Get Up Kids stand out in a sea of melancholy guitar chords. After this album the band broke up and Schwarzenbach moved on to found Jets to Brazil solidifying his place in emo history. Polyvinyl Records has put out a number of great emo releases. Here's our list of the Top 10 Emo Bands of the 90s. Gerard Way The lead screamer of My Chemical Romance might wear more eyeliner than you, spend more time on his hair and just generally have more feelings, but with his smoky eyes, ever-changing hair color and theatrical performances, the feisty frontman and his sexy side bangs made every living, breathing, Hot Topic-wearing female circa wish her name was "Helena" never mind that the song is actually about his dead grandmother. Mineral In emo music,perfect pitch on the vocals is hardly considered important by most fans. Comfortable to live in, Sunny Day made balanced alternative rock. Sorry though, dude is married. Cap n' Jazz As one of the many works from the Kinsella family, Cap n' Jazz's 32 song double LP Analphabetapolothology is more of an anthology than an album, but is definitely the most popular work that Cap n' Jazz put out. Jeremy Enigk is a wonderful singer, extending words in the right places, and he never gets too whiny. The recording sessions must have been crazy. Not many albums get a Metascore of 91; Home is an Emo trope. Since its mids peak, emo's influence has dwindled, as the largest acts of the era either split up or experimented with different sounds and lyrical themes. Jawbreaker left it burning, counted the dead, bent strings, and shredded the skin of blown amps. Conor Oberst Oh, Conor Oberst. I stare at a wall; I stare into my coffee cup. Saves The Day Sound The Alarm Conceptually heavy with images of death, self-inflicted pain, and negativity towards the chest cavity, Saves The Day recorded upbeat jams that should be homework for any band trying to play pop punk. Jesse Lacey With his unkept beard and predilection for flannel and hoodies, Brand New's lead singer looks like that guy you went to high school with who was a star athlete but also a really sensitive honor roll student and close with his family. You know, like a breakup song, but one that leans into more intimate issues as opposed to a simple signoff to an ex. The Ugly Organ is a frantic, awesome mess. They have real power. This shit is juiced, man. Sweetheart Jenny Lewis sings on three songs! Photo courtesy of Brand New

Top 10 emo

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