The good natured realist

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They are also loyal and reliable friends. Good-natured Realists are real workaholics; they are very reliable and nothing is too much for them when it is a question of completing a project. Thoroughness, conscientiousness and sense of duty are their strongest points. A profession that gives you the feeling that you are doing something for other people is important to you.

The good natured realist

Some personality typing tools may invite lots of discussion and warm fuzzy feelings but are useless when it comes to facilitating. Rationals - Finding Knowledge and Competence. It is the main purpose of your life to care for others. That almost borders on a willingness to sacrifice. Too many obstacles to your caring for and supporting others make you unhappy. They often feel they are committed to traditional values. Marriage and family are very important to them. You may not be a person of many words but that is not even necessary. Check out your complete iPersonic Relationship Profile! They do their work conscientiously and have a pronounced organising talent. You are both conscientious and serious people who like to spend a lot of time alone. But they do not like pushing themselves to the fore; they prefer to fulfill their tasks out of the limelight. They take care of their partner attentively and lovingly and put up with a lot for a harmonious relationship. You approach a new relationship very carefully and guardedly. Their perfectionism on the one hand and their aversion to delegating tasks on the other hand often lead to them taking on too much both professionally and privately. One could almost describe them as being harmony-addicted - and this sometimes leads them to strongly neglecting themselves and their own wishes because they are unable to bring themselves to put up a fight. As your sensory perception is much stronger and more sensitive than the one of intuitive types, you both appreciate a home full of warmth, comfort and style where you can relax and spend good times together. In dealing with others, Good-natured Realists are considerate and obliging; they are always happy to put aside their own requirements in the interest of their family and friends. You are most comfortable in a one-on-one situation; you are less enthusiastic about delivering speeches to major groups. Before you give your heart away, you want to be sure that your counterpart is the right one. Therefore, you are relatively flexible when choosing your working environment, and have the ability to decide which setting you prefer. They cannot stand discord; conflicts make them very unhappy. Summary for Century Aluminum. Neither of you will ever miss an opportunity to pay the other a compliment or praise the quality of your partnership! You are both very sensitive and warm, love to help and please each other and appreciate the fact that this works vice versa. At any rate, when choosing your profession, make sure to surround yourself with people who share your personal ideals and convictions, and on whom you can count to work with you. This is certainly true, but the Which is the best personality test?

The good natured realist

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  1. They often feel they are committed to traditional values. However, they can be very hurt if their interpersonal commitment is taken for granted for too long.

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