Svcc keysville va

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He can be reached via email at al. In Virginia, community colleges offer a lower-cost, value-based choice. It was founded in and has the largest geographic service area of any community college in the state, covering 10 counties and the city of Emporia.

Svcc keysville va

College graduates tend to be healthier, more engaged in their communities, and better able to understand diverse points of view. Along with these major sites, SVCC has many smaller off-campus sites scattered throughout its service region that serve a large number of students. In Virginia, community colleges offer a lower-cost, value-based choice. Our team of academic and workforce advisors can help you get the most value from your education dollars. In fact, based on inflation-adjusted dollars, funding for higher education in Virginia is now Online courses at Southside are offered completely online utilizing Blackboard, the online course management system. It also offers classes at a number of off-campus sites and online. In this fiscal climate, evaluating the return on investments in higher education seems fitting. Roberts is the current president of SVCC. College Measures, an initiative of the American Institutes for Research, studied that question. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a nonpartisan research and policy institute, released a report last year that documented the ways in which recession-related budgetary concerns led to cuts in the support of higher education. He can be reached via email at al. For more information about your higher education choices and opportunities, contact SVCC at Assessing the Value of Education By Dr. In 46 states, including Virginia, government spending per student continues to remain less than what it was prior to the beginning of the recession in One recurring theme seems to be the rising cost of college tuition and questions about its value and payback. He has served as president since July Some benefits fall outside the realm of dollars. Furthermore, 94 percent of beginning undergraduate students receive significant financial aid packages. To be sure, college costs have risen, and they continue to rise. They also have an opportunity to establish their academic competitiveness and get a clearer picture of their overall career goals. Al Roberts is president of Southside Virginia Community College, an institution of higher learning that provides a wide variety of education opportunities to a diverse student population within a service area that spans ten counties and the city of Emporia. Such reductions in support are one of the factors that contribute to rising tuition. Distance learning[ edit ] Southside Virginia Community College offers courses through video conferencing services and online utilizing the Internet. Online and hybrid courses offer students more flexibility than traditional face-to-face courses, however, many of our traditional face-to-face instructors utilize Blackboard to supplement their courses and extend teaching beyond the walls of the classroom.

Svcc keysville va

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  1. One recurring theme seems to be the rising cost of college tuition and questions about its value and payback.

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