Should we have sex after iui

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A speculum is inserted first, and then the catheter. For us, it was severe male factor low count and binding so we were advised to abstain for days before. Trigger shot My trigger shot was the first hormone injection I had ever received.

Should we have sex after iui

I remember you from the ttc board, I hope you're pregnancy is going great xo! It was about time—I found this gruelling. If there are male factor infertility issues, than I would ask the RE again since sperm needs some time to regenerate. We laugh about the weirdness of it all now. Told to have sex the night before iui? Was it worth it? The characteristics of the two groups were similar in terms of the mean age, as well as the duration and causes of infertility. Esposito explains that there actually may be benefits to having sex following the IUI. My RE said to trigger and have sex tonight, iui following morning, sex that night at home, then second iui the next morning? We filled up our car with gas, bought groceries and treated ourselves to brunch an awkward meal spent talking about everything but what we were thinking about. Your physician may advise you to take it easy for the rest of the day. But just like trying naturally, there comes a point when certain treatments no longer work. The pregnancy rates were compared between groups. By Sarah Kelsey Mar 30, Photo: Generally speaking, you can have sexual intercourse any time after an IUI. Would the procedure hurt? Many women will reduce their aerobic activity and avoid heavier lifting in hopes that these efforts will increase the chances of implantation. We did do two rounds of IUI, one day and then the next, but the counts the second day were always sooo much lower. The cycle characteristics following follicular stimulation were also similar between two groups. Cycle monitoring I began daily cycle monitoring at my clinic on Day For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, please speak with one of our friendly New Patient Liaisons by calling An IUI refers to an intrauterine insemination. The insertion of the catheter felt a lot like a tight, one-second pinch. It appears that he designed a a back to back IUI with intercourse which is popular for people without male factor. I had a ton of questions:

Should we have sex after iui

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  1. I was given the pregnancy hormone hCG, which helps follicles mature and ensures that ovulation occurs within 36 hours.

  2. If you are experiencing any cramping or pain during the procedure, you can take acetaminophen-based pain relievers, such as Tylenol. In IUI with low number of motile sperm inseminated, timed intercourse significantly increases the pregnancy rates over IUI alone in infertile couples with a normal sperminogram.

  3. We did do two rounds of IUI, one day and then the next, but the counts the second day were always sooo much lower. After having an IUI, you may have cramping or otherwise feel unwell.

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