Sex toy you ride

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My bed — a solid wood four-poster — leapt off the floor as the Sybian roared into life. Peace, love, sex, drugs and rock n roll in the Swinging Sixties Sybian celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and shows no signs of giving up its claim to be the most intense experience around. Are you supposed to be sweating that much? Amazon — Getty — Metro.

Sex toy you ride

And because I am clearly the luckiest woman on earth, Sybian themselves offered to send me a unit via The Kinksters , an adult retailer based in the rather unlikely surroundings of Wrexham, north Wales. Limited to the bedroom for privacy reasons, I decided that the floor would be the sturdiest place to site the unit. Advertisement So I braved it and turned the dial halfway official advice is that most women need around three quarters of the power to get real results, but I was genuinely concerned that the neighbours might start banging on the walls. And — nothing very exciting. So I decided to throw away expectations and just see what happened — settling myself in for the ride, I started turning those dials. This thing is weird. Not only did the floorboards shake, so did the walls. But the Sybian requires you to actually ride it like a sexy pony, and that is a very strange thing to get used to. Using the Sybian itself is really simple — you just attach your chosen toy, connect the mains cable and switch on. Which is when the earthquake apparently hit. But it all felt a bit, well, lacklustre. Advertisement Advertisement I have never heard anything as loud as this and I speak as someone who owns three Doxys. I write about adult products all the time , so I recognise a serious bit of kit when I see it. It was like a particularly sexy Christmas morning in my bedroom: Is it as good as it is in porn? Apart from anything, it feels more than a little bit exposed, especially when your boyfriend is sitting in front of you giving a running commentary: Are you supposed to be sweating that much? It felt a bit weird — pleasant, but weird. Sometimes, all a girl needs is a hefty dildo and a power dial. There was only one way to find out. Amazon — Getty — Metro. Advertisement Advertisement Unpacking my new best friend was an experience in itself — the Sybian has endless different attachments and the company had been kind enough to send me pretty much one of everything. The G-Egg — eggciting, you might say Picture: The controls are nothing more than a wired box with two dials, one for rotation and another for vibration — a refreshing change from the endless vibe patterns and over-complicated programmable remote controls often found on other toys. Washable covers are very handy in sticky situations Picture: My bed — a solid wood four-poster — leapt off the floor as the Sybian roared into life. Shall I turn it up a bit?

Sex toy you ride

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