Sex tips tricks for women

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Think about turning down the lights, lighting some candles, and listening to relaxing music to get the mood going. Not everyone can get off with vaginal penetration. Clitoral orgasm Massage the fleshy area on the top of your pubic bone, then run your fingers along the outer and inner lips of your vulva. Increase the speed and pressure as the good vibrations begin to build. Constantly vary the degrees of pressure you use.

Sex tips tricks for women

You can use different positions to kick your solo session up a notch on the pleasure scale. Reward her bravery When she initiates the action, make an extra effort to please her sexually and to let her know how much you approve. Even consider switching up speeds between the two think fast fingers, slow penetration. But if you want to see stars, experiment with stimulating your G-spot — a pleasure point on your vaginal wall — with consistent, heavy pressure doing so may also lead to ejaculation! So keep a tube of lube on hand to increase your pleasure. Orgasm type Type of masturbation clitoral Most people use their fingers to play with their clitoris, but vibrators and other toys can also bring pleasure during solo play. Pour the lube all over your body — your breasts, belly, inner thighs, and vulva — and start sliding your hands over these erogenous zones. Here are some ways to get her more excited. You may need to use your hands to steady your toy. Then zero in on the toes and stretch them individually. Right before you orgasm, you may feel an intense need to pee — only the contractions are around your anal sphincter. Get on all fours, then put your face down on your bed or floor so your backside is higher in the air. Try to mix up your tongue play with the occasional closed-mouth kiss on her nose, eyes, and forehead. With the rougher top side of the tongue, flick from right to left and then up and down. The precoital massage As a warmup to the main event, start by massaging the length of her legs, from her upper thighs down to her ankles. Drive her wild with the figure-8 technique The figure-8 tongue technique is one of the most tried and true ways to get things going below the belt. Try to become familiar with the two or three more subtle sensations that precede that one, so that you can slow down at the right time. Sit yourself in front of a full-length mirror with a big tube of lube. If you want to try for a vaginal O Despite common myths, most people with a vagina have a hard time climaxing with vaginal stimulation. If you prefer to listen Listening to sexy sounds can be just as — if not more — arousing as reading erotica or watching porn. Here are just a few to try out: Watching porn can increase your libido, relieve stress, and allow you to explore your sexual kinks in a safe way. Increase the speed and pressure as the good vibrations begin to build. Crouch down with your heels close to or touching the back of your thighs. Kinky literature encourages you to fantasize and discover sexual pleasures in a safe, fun way.

Sex tips tricks for women

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  1. Pick a body part and tell her how sexy you think it is, or describe a fantasy you have involving her.

  2. It may go without saying, but you can turn yourself on by simply thinking about that hottie you met last week. Watching porn can increase your libido, relieve stress, and allow you to explore your sexual kinks in a safe way.

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