Seinfeld man hands full episode

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Later, George takes Jerry to the location of the club, but all they find is a meat packing plant. While he is there, a health inspector arrives and shuts down the restaurant, giving Jerry the opportunity to gloat. The signature Seinfeld theme song is played backwards in the tag scene of the episode. For this he doesn't get the job, but he nonetheless considers it a wise decision, since everyone who ate the dessert became violently ill.

Seinfeld man hands full episode

Cultural references[ edit ] When George starts dating models, he makes a reference to Jerry by saying "Flame on! Jerry starts dating Gillian Kristin Bauer , an attractive woman whose only flaw is that she has "man-hands. Elaine decides to stay with her "Bizarro friends", but is explicitly asked to leave by them when they do not take to some of the normal things she usually does with Jerry, such as eating olives directly out of the jar from Kevin's refrigerator and pushing Kevin, with her trademark outburst of "get out! Vargus, a FedEx worker, is good friends with Kevin, opposed to Newman , a postal worker and mutual enemies with Jerry. This is opposite to Kramer, who constantly takes Jerry's groceries and bursts through his door without warning. He tells her that the mannequin which is outside in Jerry's car is his new girlfriend and goes out to the car to zestfully make out with it while Olive watches in dismay. He also always knocks on Kevin's door and waits for him to unlock it. Unfortunately, his luck ends when he accidentally burns the picture with a hair dryer. The "Elaine" mannequin is a big success and appears in stores across the nation. In the bathroom, Jerry notices that Poppie doesn't wash his hands after defecating. Seeing another customer is interested in the suit, George hides the suit so the other customer will not find it on the sale day. Jerry becomes bored at home, now that Kramer is "working", Elaine is always hanging out with Kevin and his friends Gene and Feldman Bizarro versions of George and Kramer, respectively , and George only comes to him when he wants something. While he is there, a health inspector arrives and shuts down the restaurant, giving Jerry the opportunity to gloat. George uses a picture of Gillian to get into the "forbidden city", a club of attractive women and models , by saying that Gillian is his late fiancee Susan. George is dismayed, while Jerry doesn't believe there ever was a club there. As George buys the suit, the other customer swears vengeance. Plot[ edit ] Elaine breaks up with her boyfriend Kevin from " The Soul Mate " , but they decide to "just be friends. Jerry wants to be "just friends" with Gillian, who does not take too well to the idea. Elaine returns to the clothing store where she finds the "Elaine" mannequin posed bent over, with another mannequin spanking "her". While Jerry tries to get another picture of her from her purse for George, she grabs Jerry's wrist which Jerry later describes as almost ripping his arm right out of the socket. When George notices his rival for the suit surreptitiously watching him from the kitchen, he fears the food has been tampered with, so he refuses to taste the dessert. Jerry, George, and Kramer go to meet Elaine at the same time that Kevin, Gene, and Feldman were to meet up with her - both groups of men react rather awkwardly at seeing their Bizarro counterparts. When he sees Poppie kneading the pizza dough with his unwashed hands, Jerry refuses to eat the pizza in the same manner that Audrey rejected the pie, which she interprets as him taking revenge. As they leave, they miss seeing the photo George had taken from a magazine, lying amidst the sawdust on the ground. Later, George takes Jerry to the location of the club, but all they find is a meat packing plant. Feldman acts generously to his friends, regularly buying them lunch and bringing Kevin groceries. Jerry and Audrey go to eat at Poppie's, her father's restaurant.

Seinfeld man hands full episode

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