Sagittarius capability

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You share an entrepreneurial nature, but Sagittarius is a gambler while Capricorn only takes extremely calculated risks. To re-balance, the yin sign needs to work on being more open, direct and confident, while the yang sign should cultivate more patience, tolerance and sensitivity. Some are more likely to compliment or complain! Reaching the honeymoon phase is going to be tricky here! Passion resides in the heart and soul of this love match.

Sagittarius capability

There are other planets which also affect someone's personality. Cardinal signs are initiators—they like to lead and direct and manage. Can the Taurus Sagittarius love match go the distance? Passion resides in the heart and soul of this love match. Are you a starter, a doer or a finisher? It is difficult for them to find common ground, but if they do, they can help each other grow different dimensions to their respective personalities. Sagittarius are non-judgmental, helpful, and extroverted individuals who can lift the spirits of any room by just walking into it. Reaching the honeymoon phase is going to be tricky here! The yin sign can be too passive or passive-aggressive and sacrificing, while the yang sign may act domineering, aggressive and selfish. Taurus will bring a semblance of calm and order to the wild and cluttered world of the Sagittarius. It will make the Taurus Sagittarius relationship tick. Of course, all that friction can lead to explosive sexual chemistry, even an obsessive quest to figure each other out you never will. Grounded earth signs seek stability and want to put down roots. While Taurus relies on stability and predictability, Sagittarius shines in a spontaneous and adventurous life. If you would like to explore this further please see the astrology compatibility readings page. But if you learn to appreciate your differences, then you can offer what the other one is missing. Your signs are semisextile , or one sign apart. And the fire sign can help the earth sign take more chances in life. Each one plays an important role in the greater whole of humankind. They will need to tune their frequencies to each other at the start of their relationship, but if they are successful in doing that, the way ahead will be seemingly smoother for the duo. Do you like to take charge and have a plan, or do you prefer to go with the flow? Taurus people enjoy to sit by the fireplace, reading the novel. Comparing sun signs can give a good general idea of compatibility. And the mutable sign should check with the cardinal sign before RSVPing to random events or inviting strangers over for dinner. Your compatibility clicks and clashes Where you click:

Sagittarius capability

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  1. Aggressive, adventurous Sagittarius quickly hits a wall with cautious, rule-abiding Capricorn.

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