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The original was an MS Word document, so the formatting is slightly better in that version. Serving Self-Represented Litigants slide show Some Windows-based browsers have difficulty downloading Word Perfect files. Costs of document reproduction, filings, court fees, etc. Changes in health insurance were already made in


We are scheduled to meet again in the third week of June. Costs of document reproduction, filings, court fees, etc. Each Judicial District should be contacting employees to inform them of the program guidelines and to advise them of the enrollment cut-off date of November 25th. The Governor submitted the UCS budget to the Legislature but included a commentary saying this proposal is out of step with his goal of a fiscally responsible New York and encouraged the Legislature to keep any increase to 2 percent or less. The final version of this document will appear on the www. Members are reimbursed for legal expenses only to the extent of fees charged and up to the identified maximum for each service. Submit your completed form with your paid bill and a copy of your doctor's prescription to the Fund Office. CSEA members, who work in the Unified Court System statewide, perform a wide range of duties from clerk and administrative work to court officers and reporters. Members are free to choose any attorney according to individual needs and type of case. In addition to trying to maintain or increase current benefits in the contract, the Team raised a number of specific issues it felt needed to be addressed if the parties are going to reach an overall agreement. The fund does not pay for any repairs, replacement batteries or any appliances or expenses not recommended or approved by a physician or otologist. Therefore, UCS's position is that an agreement should provide a "cost of living" pay increase, but also save money by modifying or eliminating a number of benefits in the expired agreement. Since , UCS has had a negative growth operating budget, meaning their costs are greater than the money coming in. A contact lens formulary will now be included and will be used for the initial supply of many of the popular and commonly prescribed brand of soft contact lenses. Moreover, it addresses a number of CSEA's longstanding concerns, including the return to work process, seniority and expediting the disciplinary process for alleged time and leave violations. This put negotiations on hold, since we couldn't move forward until this charge was resolved. What's more, they told us they expected to have even more proposals along these lines. We hope to meet again in January on the assumption that UCS will have its act together in order to negotiate a new contract sooner rather than later. They stated that there will be more proposals coming from them. We will need to meet again to know if they are ready to negotiate seriously or not. Members and dependents are eligible once every 12 months. Further developments will be posted on the web site. It took several years for UCS to get into this bad fiscal shape and they want to solve it overnight on the backs of the non-judicial employees. We hope to make some progress, even in light of the employer's seeming lack of interest in coming to an agreement. We hope to meet again at the end of May.


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