Neal brennan

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Click here for sound and music credits. I consider writing fun. So what else do you have? I consider doing standup fun. So where do we start?

Neal brennan

Comedians are the brave navigators to these truths. Empathy and compassion, while both virtues, both also take a knee to patience. I just find it interesting. I consider arguing fun. So it was like, alright, I just need to sort of explain who I am and how I got here and what led to this. Some stories function best as written text, others hope to capture the emotion through an intimate audio experience. Patience that there is perhaps something out there that can help. So I wanted to talk about things that were not…kind of things that I wanted to…well, the depression part I wanted to just get out there. Are we having fun yet? Therefore, he gets a firsthand look into the experiences of others. We try our best, but this may contain small errors or non-traditional sentence structure. This story has been in the vault for some time, always a work in progress. This story was written, produced, and mixed by myself, Kevin Chau, a. I consider writing fun. At least high blood pressure you probably ate too much sodium, I did nothing. For those unfamiliar, Zoloft is a prescribed antidepressant belonging to a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, SSRIs, which affect chemicals in the brain that may be imbalanced in people with depression, anxiety, or compulsive symptoms. I say in the special I have a little bit of gold. So like death is the equalizer. As Neal continued to talk about his experiences with his treatments, one underlying theme seems to permeate his motivations. But once I stopped taking it, it was cool. In cases such as this audio story, the transcripts we provide are done to the best of our ability through AI transcription services and human transcribers. So does it ever get better? I can spot it. The imperfection of humans is what makes us perfect. We were fortunate to meet up with Mr. Illustrations are the work of Jeremy Leung.

Neal brennan

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