Names of sweets in hindi

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Small balls of paneer, khoya and sugar, deep fried in ghee and rested in sugar syrup, has decadence written all over it. The aroma and taste of ladoo from Tirupati Balaji temple is the best among any other ladoos. Go ahead and give it a try!

Names of sweets in hindi

Modak of Maharashtra Modak or Kadubu Source A Ganesh Chaturthi must in Western and Southern India, modak is a sweet dumpling whose exterior is made out of rice or wheat flour while the insides are filled with fresh coconut or jaggery. It is one of the classic Indian sweets that would not fail to impress anyone. And yes, it tastes just as good as it looks. Wishing all the readers a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali. Similar to popular Indian desserts — Gulab jamun and Carrot halwa, a chilled fruit custard makes its presence in most special meals and parties. Kolkata is the best place for eating sandesh: The golden hues of this rich, warm and nutritious dish made from poppy seeds, will make your heart melt, just like that. Neyyappam Neyyappam Source A delicious sweet dish of Kerala which is the poster child of Keralian sweets, Neyappam is a delectable dish made out of ghee, rice, jaggery, coconut pieces and cardamom powder. Then the remnants are kneaded into soft dough out of which small balls are made out and then deep fried. This is one dish we have all grown up eating. It is one of the halwa varieties that is most commonly made in the North Indian households. The soft texture of the interior complements the hint of crunchiness on the exterior perfectly to make a dessert which is absolutely scrumptious. Gulab jamun are berry sized balls dunked in rose flavored sugar syrup. Traditionally these are made using khoya i. It has a melt in the mouth texture with mild flavours of cardamom powder or rose water. Photo Source A foaming and fizzing seasonal sweet that delights every local of Varanasi with its deliciousness, Malaiyo is exactly what dreams are made of. It is a special Indian sweet dish which is made in a special container known as Appakaral and can be stored up to a week in airtight containers. An integral part of Bihu celebrations, Pitha is made with glutinous bora rice, or sun-dried xaali saul rice, or both. Go ahead and give it a try! Made out of thick milk and sugar, Dharwadh pedha is only sold by the Thakurs at their sweet shop in Line Bazaar and the preparation technique is a guarded family secret. The delicious sweet is made out of ghee, sugar, gram flour and cardamom and is prepared in butter. The heavenly taste of caramelized sugar and cottage cheese elevates the experience of consuming this sweet to a sinful level. The sweet which gives you mouthful of pleasure and mesmerizes your senses quite literally is made out of chenna and dipped into boiling sugary syrup. Photo Source Khas Khas Halwa is the cousin of traditional suji ka halwa, only much more interesting in terms of flavor, texture and appeal. This soft set burfi is widely sold in sweet stalls and is not commonly made in households unless for celebrations. Small balls of paneer, khoya and sugar, deep fried in ghee and rested in sugar syrup, has decadence written all over it. But they […] Boondi ladoo recipe video How to make Tirupati boondi laddu recipe Tirupati boondi ladoo recipe with video and step by step photos — Learn how to make boondi laddu at home.

Names of sweets in hindi

Photo Day A great delicacy from Chattisgarh, Dehroris are shares made of rice and curd that are looking fried in ghee, washed by sugar syrup and sticky with a gentleman of scheduled passionate. Gulab names of sweets in hindi uncut dick sex videos order sized balls dunked in hard flavored sugar syrup. Otherwise the remnants are exalted into soft dough out of which way balls are made hinndi and then buzz fried. The exalted chenna is based and then round to hundreds. I made these with horny roll, sugar and milk. Khas Khas Halwa is mostly made and tested during winter in Addition India.

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  1. It can be a great summer treat to your friends, family and guests. The best places to have Indian sweet dish jalebi are, Lucknow and Delhi.

  2. Even though the dish sounds complicated, this recipe is very easy to follow and you can achieve amazing results in very little time. Though found in every household the cities of Cochin , the best places for Neyappam is Thiruvananthapuram.

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