Monogamy sex game

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You go around the board six times in all twice for every level The rules are simple as there are a limited number of action squares to land on. When we were unable to complete a task i. You'll need a couple of things not included in the box..

Monogamy sex game

The passionate level cards range from licking your partner from his chest to his navel to teasing her with a vibrator. How to play Firstly, it helps to really set the mood. You roll the dice, and move your piece. Well worth the money and I will be buying several more as Christmas presents! Would you like to have a Hot Affair? He knows that If he was to be pierced, I would love to have his eye brow pierced. There's tips for quicker games Some of the tasks are not to be completed during game play. However, after 10 years of marriage this got us doing stuff we would never have thought of, or been brave enough to ask for, and was just plenty of fun. But I am glad I was brave and kept it as it was a lot of fun! As with the eating they progress from simple back rubs and clothes on dancing to massaging genitals and lap dances. The lips square requires you to give your partner a kiss on the cheek, a full smacker on the lips or a full blown french kiss. And it was all in good fun. Forget getting stuck in a rut.. There is also a massage square and an erotic dancing square. You collect a card each time you go, however you can only hold 2 cards at any one time, so when you pass go for the third time, you have to discard one of the fantasy cards. All for 2 minutes. The first element allows you to talk openly about favourite moments with your partner, or an ideal date, or even how particular things that your partner make you feel. The idea is that the winner gets to act out one of the fantasies at the end of the game, but I really don't think that you would need to! Given that a fair amount of oral sex is involved in the steamy round both of us were ready to be finishing. At the end of the game, whoever has won, chooses one of their fantasy cards, and the idea is that you then go away and act out on the fantasy. This was a really good buy. The Shoe square requires you to lose an item of clothing. I feel closer to my husband than ever before. The second time we played, we were properly going for it.

Monogamy sex game

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