Men waxing their legs

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In that case…go for it! One guy said it took two hours, another said it took two razors. Do what works for you 86 said:

Men waxing their legs

In other words, about half the female population would disagree with whatever you did. A little bit is fine but to the skin is just weird. Cyclists also proclaim that shaved legs are quicker to heal in the event of a crash. So I conducted a poll here at RMRS, and set it up so that men could add their own answers if they wanted to. And because of the extra cost of shaving your legs, a lot of people resort to using older razors and end up with infected cuts. Plus, those Speedos are pretty small, and nobody wants to look like they're smuggling a guinea pig into a public pool. And a third man was mystified about where his legs ended. But so is shaving. Was he supposed to keep going up onto his backside? You Want To If you want to shave your legs, this is all the reason you need. You think ingrown hairs are painful on your face — well, wait till you get one on your backside or your inner thigh. Many men shave their legs in pursuit of athletic glory, but is it really necessary? AFL players also frequently shave their legs, citing the fact that it makes it less painful to receive deep-tissue massages from club physiotherapists. It turns out hairlessness does make you quicker: The hairier you are, the more important this is. I would but way too hard to maintain. Lastly, it can't be ignored that shaven legs simply look better. It turns out having an 80kg man knead his elbow deep into your hamstring is painful enough without having errant hairs pulling from all directions. After that, razors are just a few bucks a month. It's the same thought process for swimmers, who shave every square centimetre to reduce drag through the water. And you'll almost certainly see them poking out from under a weekend cyclist's skin-tight lycra. Going hairless reveals a greater level of muscle definition, and in a sport where veins, vascularity and muscle striations are king, it's easy to see why the judges would prefer to give a trophy to the naked mole rat than the Chewbacca. The results were lively, to say the least: You see them in gyms. Waxing at home is not a cheap proposition either — or a pleasant one. This not only makes it harder to clean out all the road gravel from the skin, but delays recovery by some days as the hairs need time to "outgrow" the wound. I had a hunch that if I asked men the same question, the numbers would come out very differently.

Men waxing their legs

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  1. This practice is so ingrained in velo culture that when champion racer Peter Sagan turned up to a meet earlier this year with el natural legs, it sent the cycling world into a spin.

  2. In that case…go for it! AFL players also frequently shave their legs, citing the fact that it makes it less painful to receive deep-tissue massages from club physiotherapists.

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