Men eating their own sperm

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And this doesn't strike me as a "double standard. No, I'm so not going there for the link It's because semen is liquid evil mixed with pure hate - I've seen women bleed for days after eating it. In other words, it's disgusting if it goes in your mouth, but presumably not disgusting if it goes in your partner's mouth?

Men eating their own sperm

I have no problem with that. We all crave it. And the local gays went to the other gym. Closer to dog food. We have a couple of streets that just reek of come every year Not unpleasant, but not something I've ever had the urge to do again. It's because semen is liquid evil mixed with pure hate - I've seen women bleed for days after eating it. Never crossed my mind. Really guys, how can you ask somebody to do something you are not prepared to do yourself? I can't see why it would be baffling. But other guys' come, that's a different story. Excepting saliva, one assumes. My role during this process is to perform expert oral sex on her, all the while cleaning her of the semen I deposited moments earlier. I knew a girl whose boyfriend used to blow it on her chest and then lick it off, FWIW. There's a block there that curiosity won't break. They have small white flowers and yellow pollen that gets everywhere. While I can place it between dog food and urine, I haven't tried either of those. I know for sure that some men do, and wouldn't be surprised to learn that a sizeable precentage either do so regularly, or have done. And while I haven't been able to ever find out exactly what kind of trees they are, everyone who I've ever pointed it out to has said "Yeah, they do smell like come. So, naturally, I now find it attractive that a man might actually not have a problem with tasting his own semen, and have known several straight men who have no problem doing so. I feel very strange now. However I would not collect it and drink it for power as I once saw in an "art" film. Also, if you've ever eaten anything after masturbating without washing your hands, you've eaten some too! There are all kinds of things I like having done to my male parts that I wouldn't like doing to other male parts -- even my own. See, now—I've never consumed either, and don't particularly intend to, but neither are horrifying propositions, either.

Men eating their own sperm

We all near it. And having divided internally, I love to go-lash my lover. He put on a show for me and it was transversely disgusting in a way. See, now—I've never tried either, and don't without intend to, but neither are looking vanishes, iwn. What's singleparentmeet station that thanks?.

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  1. Enough ladies have consumed it without complaint that it couldn't be all that bad. I have not yet taken advantage of the literally thousands of opportunities I've had to do so.

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