Long branch anchorage

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The bun is lightly toasted, so it stood up well to the heft of the ingredients. Again, there was only one waitress, but she was juggling all of the tables with businesslike efficiency. These are thick, mealy, tender and delicious. In other words, a so-so burger is easy but a great burger is hard work.

Long branch anchorage

The BLT was divine. Onions rings can be a disappointment -- often dumped from freezer to fryer with only the barest hint of onion inside a too-salty coating. Again, the place was packed and we had to wait awhile before scooping up a table just enough time for a quick game of pool. In my world, "too creamy" is a contradiction in terms. On the sides of both sandwiches was a heap of hand-cut fries with the skins still on them. Let them toast the buns. The low ceilings, dim lighting, plastic-coated menus and blaring sports-centric TVs don't seem to offer the promise of food beyond the usual deep-fried fare, but the small kitchen behind the bar has a big reputation for top-notch burgers and fries. The next time my husband suggests burgers for dinner, I'll leave the tomato slicing to the professionals and head out to this south-side burger mecca. The Long Branch Saloon is friendly, lively and unpretentious, with a sneakily good little kitchen. These are thick, mealy, tender and delicious. The vinegary bite of the jalapenos balanced and brightened the burger's smoky flavor. When I saw my friend later in the week, she said she had been talking about her BLT ever since. Served on the same buns as the burgers -- made fresh daily, on the premises -- it was a perfect sandwich, piled high with smoky bacon, a heap of crisp, fresh lettuce and thick slices of tomato. His one small complaint was that there was too much mayonnaise, which, in combination with the avocado, made the whole dish too creamy. At home, the meat needs seasoning, the bacon needs crisping, buns need toasting, lettuce needs shredding and onions need caramelizing. Print article My husband always suggests burgers when we plan a last-minute meal. Long Branch Saloon Kitchen hours closing time of the kitchen varies depending on how busy they are: I wished I had gone with a more classic choice like my husband's, which I loved. The black and bleu burger wasn't my favorite. The light, tempura-like batter has just the right amount of pleasantly greasy crunch, with sweet, tender onions nestled inside. These tasted fresh and lovingly made. As our family's prep chef, I beg to differ. The burgers come leaning toward well-done which, for a burger, is my preference and the exterior of the patty has a charcoal-y crust. We all agreed that the onion rings were a worthy upgrade. As the house grill-master, he thinks they're easy. My burger was another winner. The shopping alone is formidable -- meat, lettuce, tomato, red onions, cheese two kinds, at least , bacon and fresh buns, to say nothing of the condiments.

Long branch anchorage

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  1. At Long Branch, you don't get a choice of meat temperature. These aren't crispy, frite-style fries.

  2. Onions rings can be a disappointment -- often dumped from freezer to fryer with only the barest hint of onion inside a too-salty coating.

  3. Onions rings can be a disappointment -- often dumped from freezer to fryer with only the barest hint of onion inside a too-salty coating.

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