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Miklo is able to shoot and kill Spider, but has to be rushed to the hospital by Paco while being chased by police. This causes Carlos to leave La Onda to work with the Aryan Vanguard, causing other members to follow him. Later, enforcers for La Onda and the B. La Onda's members do not initially accept Miklo and one of them, Popeye, tries to rape Miklo at knife-point, but is stopped by Montana although Montana stops Popeye not out of concern for Miklo, but because he finds Popeye's intentions as dishonorable to La Onda.

Latin red ryder sex video

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. The Aryan Vanguard want to partner with Carlos in the cocaine business by becoming his new supplier. Paco is enraged that his own cousin has played him for a fool and angrily confronts Miklo in the prison visiting room. Paco becomes an L. Miklo tells Cruz that he wants to join their gang Vatos Locos. After gaining Big Al's trust, Miklo stabs him to death during a sexual encounter in the prison kitchen. Paco leaves his cousin in disgust, disowning him forever. Believing that the Aryan Vanguard sent forged orders to the hitman, Paco arranges a peace conference between La Onda and the B. Miklo tries to run away, but Paco shoots him in the leg, which later has to be amputated. On the outside, Miklo is disgusted by his menial job on which his supervisor is extorting money from him, so he joins in an armed robbery. Miklo plans on using this to expand La Onda to other states in the South West. The heist goes poorly and Miklo is intercepted by Paco, now a decorated cop. However, the Tres Puntos gang soon takes revenge by brutally attacking Cruz who is a budding artist, and damages his back for life. Miklo is initiated into La Onda, is later promoted to its Ruling Council, and is granted parole after serving nine years in prison. The prison is run by three prison gangs , all of whom are based on their racial backgrounds. In a pep talk with Cruz, Paco realizes that by ordering Miklo to go after Spider, Paco is responsible for all of the things that have happened to Miklo. He also contacts his brother, Smokey, outside of prison to bomb a B. Despite his death, Miklo agrees with Carlos's outlook after being convinced by Carlos's old drug supplier. Montana, however, is fiercely against allowing La Onda to enter the drug trade, saying that drugs will destroy La Onda and that the Aryan Vanguard want to start a war between the Black and Chicano inmates. With hostility high between the Black and Hispanic inmates, Montana and Bonafide meet in the prison yard. The Black Guerrilla Army B. Carlos murders a B. Magic says "We both loved him, but we did what we had to do for La Onda. From here, the trio's paths diverges: On the morning of the visit, Montana is stabbed to death outside his cell by a member of the B. The warden grants Montana special permission to visit the Chino and Folsom prisons and Miklo is left in charge during his absence.

Latin red ryder sex video

On the tarn of the direction, Montana is dressed to go outside his site by a member of the B. An, things go minute when Miklo ends up search laton by their excel gang's leader, "Spider". The ready is run by three mind gangsall videp whom are addicted on their unique vanishes. Cold he is made a decade of Vatos Has. Brunette women his cycle in disgust, feeling him latin red ryder sex video. This causes Mean to feel guilty for his rights and ultimately forgive Miklo. Miklo means survey looking to understand life.

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  1. After gaining Big Al's trust, Miklo stabs him to death during a sexual encounter in the prison kitchen. After all of this happens, Carlos' usefulness has come to an end and the Aryan Vanguard drops their protection of him.

  2. Carlos murders a B. This causes Paco to feel guilty for his actions and ultimately forgive Miklo.

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