Lack of communication between couples

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During your conversation, reflect what your partner is saying and feeling. LoveBondings Staff Last Updated: It is important to identify and rectify all your marriage communication problems before things fall apart between you and your partner. What makes it special is that it includes abusive behaviors such as: Or you might have even exchanged some heated words.

Lack of communication between couples

In my experience, miscommunication is much more often the symptom of relationship troubles rather than the cause. When he-she relates an incident to you, try to feel how he-she felt in the situation. However, the more that you communicate on this level, the more in touch with yourself you will be—the more authentic you will be as a person—the closer your partner will be able to feel to you. Communication allows an intimate partnership to survive, but through connection, through feeling known and understood by our partner, the relationship can thrive. Without this skill, a person is handicapped in an intimate relationship. A relationship not fed with a steady diet of enjoyable and, on occasion, new interactions will ultimately starve. You may think you do because you recognize an expression that he-she always gets when he-she is hurt. It is an unfortunate reality that, within almost all couples, one person is victimized by the other. You are not going into a battle that you have to win. When you and your partner communicate on this personal level, many of the trivial issues between you vanish. According to the dictionary, to intimidate is to frighten into submission. Often the non-verbal message is more truthful. As a result, the focus of many of their discussions is on blaming each other. Unfortunately, good communication is simply not enough to sustain a relationship. But too much of space only widens the gap between people. This sharing of your vulnerable parts allows you to create a bond that designates your relationship as sacred and removed from what you share with others. Think of this scenario playing out day after day for an extended period of time. When you focus on good communication then the support for each other comes much more naturally—and so when you make these both a priority you end up with a much happier marriage now and in the long term too! Make an effort to talk about the feelings that you would much rather skip over. Many of us have grown up feeling ashamed of our wants. They even help each other out as they explain their situation; when one falters, the other picks up the communication baton and runs with it. For example, having dinner together, watching TV together, etc. Without being able to express themselves and listen to another, partners cannot achieve intimacy. Remember that you should always lift each other up and talk to each other, and so the two are very closely linked. Trust Allows for Vulnerability The idea that we need to trust our partners in order to have a healthy, stable relationship is not novel. Sometimes what a person is saying does not coincide with what he-she is communicating non-verbally. Just consider that your partner may have something to say that is worth listening to and considering.

Lack of communication between couples

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