Justin timberlake new album future sex

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Aside from the album itself, the project included digital versions, ringtones , wallpapers and individual tracks. When the deluxe edition was issued, the duet version of " Until the End of Time " was also released in the same month. In an interview, he revealed that the song was based on one of his friends' experience.

Justin timberlake new album future sex

Comes Around" are thought to have similar meaning to "Cry Me a River". After the show, Timberlake was reportedly "inundated" with acting offers, which he readily accepted partly because he needed inspiration and did not want to pass up the opportunities. Rubin felt it was unusual for Timberlake because he requested the latter to write the lyrics first instead of recording it directly in the vocal booth. Both producers were "impressed" by the live band-driven late-night shows Timberlake had participated in and wanted to incorporate this in his music. This was an attempt at finding solutions to declining sales in physical albums, and Timberlake's album was among those offered in various configurations and versions. Let's go far left and just see what happens. I heard dance and techno and was always interested in it but didn't really know where to go. Comes Around " in early January Some songs were conceptualized within a relatively shorter time, while others took longer because Timberlake had wanted to incorporate variation. For his new project, Timberlake collaborated with only few producers. The release included extra footage including a song-by-song commentary by Timberlake and pre- and post-show clips. According to him, he was concerned with how they would reinvent their music. Timberlake explains, "It's more broad as far as the styles I wanted to mix in to my own type of thing. Regarding the song, Timberlake surmised he did not sound like he did before. Background[ edit ] Timberlake in In November , Justin Timberlake released his debut album, Justified , [5] and produced the U. For the production, they are credited as Jawbreakers, a production team of their own established during their collaboration for The Black Eyed Peas' album. The single version includes as its B-side the "Set the Mood Prelude ", which is juxtaposed with " Summer Love " in the album's track listing. Most of the songs' lyrics were not written down on paper, [20] as Timberlake believed it would only slow him down. The main album included with the Deluxe Edition is the edited version; and an explicit version was not issued. In October , he hosted and was the guest musician on the late-night variety show Saturday Night Live , where he showcased his acting potentials. After an hour, with no lyrics written on paper, Timberlake recorded in the vocal booth a song that would become " What Goes Around Motivated by the "sad state" of pop radio, he decided he needed to experiment with music. Aside from the album itself, the project included digital versions, ringtones , wallpapers and individual tracks. Early in their sessions, they reportedly were "fooling around" and "freestyling". On the book The Music Industry: Comes Around" at the Madison Square Garden, Josh Tyrangiel of Time magazine ranked it second on its list of top ten live performances in

Justin timberlake new album future sex

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