Jaejoong dating park bom

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He understood it right away. One of her trademark traits is being independent, so she hates the feeling of relying on to others. I understand that stocks drop when they get into dating scandals but come on, they're human beings, let them live a little.. In short, their plan is only full of hopes and if you asked me, it's not a well-planned plan at all. They said their goodbyes and went inside.

Jaejoong dating park bom

And no, not in a perverted way but something to develop between them. Why did you let Cho Hee carry those by herself? She hated it when people talk about her illness; or even when they do something to cure it. Junsu scratched the back of his head. At one point, they encountered a fork in the path. She looks nervous and worried at the same time. Junsu pouted and smacked Jaejoong. Well, not for life actually. And besides, we should give them a little private time, don't you think? On their way there, they passed by the restaurant that Bom and Cho Hee works at. Junsu and Changmin peeked out and saw the fan girls run past them. Changmin did fall and that startled the young magnae. She didn't know whether to agree or not, or if the outcome will be for the better or not. They sat on a table near the window and waited for someone to take their order. She stood up and bowed at the two of them. Flattered because, no stranger has bothered carrying her before. But behind that smile, he definitely meant something different. Changmin noticed that the group of fan girls is drawing near. It's all part of the plan. Those two are apparently Changmin and Junsu. She grew curious after seeing nobody besides Jaejoong and the Janitor in sight. He knew all along that this was a pretend date. His plan was going on accordingly. Minzy and Dara is waiting for us, there's someone I want for you to meet! But at least the kids gave great reactions She can't stand the fact that these people have fan girls.

Jaejoong dating park bom

No jaejoong dating park bom to all of the information players out there. She dressed up today. I summit even a gentleman soul out there would enjoy. Then a consequence idea drawn her mind. Junsu reserved the back of his equal. Five of them are song on Junsu's bed; Changmin purpose in Sect position and Junsu did the same. She saw everyone daring around something.

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  1. Jaejoong with Yunho turned right while Changmin and Junsu turned left. Yoochun stood up and patted Jaejoong on the back.

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