Is my boyfriend good looking

So in the end it has nothing to do with what is true and good, and everything to do with how it looks and appears. I'm not someone who receives a lot of attention from guys and so I couldn't tell you how he is in this situation. Perfectly adequate, some good qualities, but not special. We all care how people view us. This is a normal feeling

Is my boyfriend good looking

If we continue dating, it will eventually have to happen. But if you let that control your relationship decisions, you're in for a life of unhappiness. It amazes me, it happens every time. Too, your question represents the worst fallout of objectification; treating people as objects in our quest to arrange imagined perfect circumstances and appearances in our life. Trying to justify this as if caring about looks is or is not under your control is just after-the-fact rationalization. You are a shitty person if you dump him in a way that leaves him with a complex about it. If the "looks" that concern you are the result of poor personal habits - bad hygiene, unhealthy diet or lack of activity - then you might be realizing that you want a partner who takes better care of himself. Otherwise, I'm just wasting time being in a relationship with someone who doesn't value me very highly, when I could be pursuing a more promising relationship. I was unsure of my new boyfriend's looks. People would always comment how waayyy more attractive he is. How well do you think he'll age? But I relate this story by way of suggesting that your emotional attitude towards someone can directly affect your perception of their physical beauty. And don't go out with anyone else until you meet someone that really makes you feel something. It's that un-fingerable thang that ain't gonna get better. This sounds less like physical beauty and more like the guy isn't as "together" as you would like. I also suggest this: Seriously, if you don't "click" with someone, it doesn't matter how good a person they are, how healthy, attractive, successful, etc. You might find yourself losing that wager. I think whether or not you're being "morally wrong" by expecting a certain degree of attractiveness from your partner is a matter of degree. How well do you think you'll age? Sometimes there's some unquantifiable thing you can't quite discern, but you just have a general sense of emotional lethargy about the relationship. So in the end it has nothing to do with what is true and good, and everything to do with how it looks and appears. I'd think there was something wrong with you. But really, it's as simple as 'do I love this person or not? No matter who they are dating and how awesome they may be, there's always this "grass is always greener

Is my boyfriend good looking

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  1. If you aren't physically attracted to your partner that is good reason to break up. Do you want your 60 year old husband to leave you for his 25 year old secretary?

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