Is aarp membership worth it

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If you are within 6 months of your 50th birthday, you can opt for an annual, 3-year, or 5 year membership: Did Einstein know about this? There's more -- the arrival of your magazine in my mailbox every other month, not to mention the bulletins, is like getting a periodical reminder that I'm going to die. We already have AAA, that I don't want to get rid of because we use it for hotels when we travel. Your membership will get you up to 20 percent off at several hotel chains, such as Days Inn and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, as well as up to 35 percent off from Endless Vacation Rentals.

Is aarp membership worth it

Some examples on savings: A large segment of the over crowd can't even afford to retire at Whether it makes sense for you to join will depend on your specific situation. It all begins with the level of political clout that can be achieved. You get all the same benefits as full members that aren't restricted by law or contract. Spend your money on an AAA membership and you will get at least as good if not better discounts and AAA does not lobby to have the government take more of the money you worked hard for. Try asking your current company if they can lower their rates, this works. People should begin planning for their retirement when they're right out of the womb, don't you think? Just like that, a whole new world opened up to me. There are no age limitations for joining AARP and the annual fee includes the ability to add your spouse or partner to take advantage of the benefits as well. How does that work? If that isn't annoying enough, I am deluged by your constant emails and postal reminders proclaiming all the wonderful AARP discounts I can get. AARP is really lobbying to take more of your retirement savings and benefits than they are lobbying to help you avoid higher taxes. I love your column called "Movies for Grown-ups. Or is it just a national organization? Is AARP worth it? For that, you need to call into an AARP office. They advertise insurance as cheaper but I've found that to never be the case. I WANT an organization that advocates for the protections of the environment and the planet and my grand-kids future. Just asking for a senior citizen discount works. Even when AARP was founded in , most people didn't retire at I've been going about my business all day, blissfully oblivious to the fact that I'm on the fast track to senior citizenship, and you have to show up in the mailbox and tell me my time is running out and I better get my act together because assisted living is just around the corner and there's a legion of eager elderly gnomes ahead of me on the waiting list for the room closest to the defibrillator. They even get their own membership card! You get all the same benefits as full members that aren't restricted by law or contract. Many people canceled their AARP memberships in the s when the organization lobbied to stop a catastrophic healthcare plan from being added to Medicare. Most free gifts are shipped out to the address on record in weeks.

Is aarp membership worth it

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