Im passionate about

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Explore new and fun activities to enjoy together. The important people in your life will ultimately share in your life passion when you find it. If you like something, tell someone. I am passionate about watching others create creative magic. Brainstorm ways to cut back on spending and to make extra income on the side.

Im passionate about

How much savings do you need for a possible job transition or time off? I passionately despise wine, sherry, port and tequila to name a few. We might become inattentive and distant with those we love. A thing that gives you a tingle, that makes you go woohoo, gives you butterflies in your stomach and inspires you to dream. If you need help, check out my book with my co-author Steve Scott called, Minute Declutter: If so, let them go or cut back on the time you spend with them. It can be a useful skill like learning a new language, creating a website, or investing or simply an enjoyable activity that involves research and learning like bird watching, uncovering your family tree, or drawing. Solid financial preparation will be a huge benefit to you when you know your passion and you're ready to pursue it. If you text and drive, please stop. Sometimes the people close to us begin to pull away because of the negative energy we're putting out. In fact, I allowed frustration to infect my attitude during my life passion search. I passionately dislike the noises my neighbours upstairs make; it brings out the worst in me when I can differentiate between bare feet, high heels, takkies and slippers. If you have material things you never use or that take up your time and energy with cleaning, care, and repair — sell them or give them away. Find something you love, and go after it, with all of your heart — Jim Abbott. I passionately HATE it when people text and drive. How are you spending money unconsciously? Explore new and fun activities to enjoy together. Even if it doesn't, it will expose you to new and interesting ideas, people, and knowledge. As you explore new health and fitness opportunities, you may meet someone, encounter something, or realize something about yourself that leads to a passion, as rebounding did for me. I love her squishy-wishy face and her nose. While you're doing these things, actively look for clues to your life passion. As you become deeply engaged in this new activity, it may very well reveal itself to be your passion or lead you to a passion. Be proactive in expressing your gratitude and feelings to your loved ones. What are you passionate about? I know how frustrating that struggle is. How it helps your passion search:

Im passionate about

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  1. Are there people in your life who are negative, demanding, or otherwise difficult to be around? Brainstorm ways to cut back on spending and to make extra income on the side.

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