If you can t handle me at my worst quote

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Maybe, God help you, they are in your family. I used to hold it as a standard. Perhaps, if she had addressed some of her self-confessed bad points, and not relied on people being willing to handle her, things might have ended differently. The post previously attributed a quote to Marilyn Monroe.

If you can t handle me at my worst quote

Like what you see? I used to hold it as a standard. She makes me better. They should not be accepted, least of all by the people you claim to love. Some of the more popular versions reference celebrities, television characters, or anime characters, and are posted on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. One, it can make perceptive, self-aware children even more embarrassed and insecure. My worst is sometimes a black hole that I get lost in. Clearly, whoever put this eCard together is taking a different meaning as well: Enormous, loud, screaming no. They will look at those trophies and gold stars, unearned and undeserved, and begin to develop an inflated image of themselves. It was unfair to expect anyone to deal with me in that state. I was perusing my Facebook Newsfeed today and I came across a status that said this: Healthy relationships are loving, but also challenging, edifying, and even occasionally painful. Maybe, God help you, they are in your family. Original The quote's original source is unknown, but it is often misattributed to Marilyn Monroe in the following form: The post's format was then copied over 60 times by members of the subreddit, with different words always substituting for the "word" "flootiest," but the word "Dootiest" staying the same in each post. It sounds empowering to those who embrace their flaws. The phrase is often mutated or used in parody. I was the epitome of hot mess. Using unique spacing and Twitter's image-layout, the snowclone reads "If you don't love me at my unattractive picture of celebrity or character , then you don't deserve me at my attractive picture of celebrity or character. They gave the game ball to me. In fact, it seems statistically likely that you have been in a relationship with them. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. I'm sure you've met this type. Shielded from failure, insulated from criticism, covered in emotional bubble wrap, our kids are venturing out into the world with little discipline and even less humility.

If you can t handle me at my worst quote

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  1. In fact, you could argue that she is the original bimbo. Maybe you've voted for this type.

  2. The popularity of the meme was covered by Twitter Moments [12] and Mashable. More than a few times, actually.

  3. I used to hold it as a standard. If you can't accept me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best.

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