How to trim a ficus tree

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Patio Pruning Ficus Trees: Remove about one-third of the canopy all the way around the tree. This will force new growth back into the center. More often, however, the ficus is kept as a potted houseplant.

How to trim a ficus tree

There are newer varieties of Ficus species which hold their leaves much better. Ficus are adverse to all forms of change and express their response to environmental stress by dropping large quantities of leaves. However, it is not typically consumed, although it is edible. Like all bonsai, they require methodical and frequent pruning to maintain both the desirable size and traditional form. It may have lost some foliage but it will immediately begin to sprout out and grow. If the ficus is planted in the ground, its roots will spread, possibly growing underneath and uplifting sidewalks, concrete patios and driveways. The last thing a Ficus tree owner was to think about is pruning. If you want the right results you need the correct method. Basic Ficus Tree Pruning Ficus trees should undergo pruning after new growth stops in the late summer and early fall. Both the Ficus benjamina and Ficus retusa varieties make excellent bonsai trees. If you prefer a bonsai ficus, then this cultivar makes a perfect choice. Cut these branches off where they join the main trunk of the tree or where they connect with healthy, growing branches. In nature, a ficus tree typically spreads somewhat wider and has an amount of nonconforming lower limbs, lending it a bushier and less well-groomed appearance. These are branches that grow at an odd angle or away from the growth of the rest of the canopy. Cut the branches at a slight angle down the back of the branch being removed. Ficus Tree Stress Reactions The ficus has a tendency to drop leaves suddenly due to changes in light, temperature, watering volume and schedule, air quality, positioning, and other factors possibly too inconsequential for its human owners to notice. The ficus benjamina bonsai features shiny leaves, ideal height, and sturdy trunks. Although the ficus is a low-maintenance plant, it will need to be pruned regularly to maintain its health and attractive appearance. Ficus trees can be pruned step-by-step in the following manner: Mix 1 part bleach to 10 parts water in a plastic container. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 to 11, but are grown around the world as houseplants. These branches are being starved of light and lack the room to grow properly. This leaves the plant open disease or infection. Always make complete, smooth cuts; never rip or tear a branch. This shrub is also good for bonsai training. Ficus are lovers of light. Ficus Bonsai Bonsai refers to the ancient Japanese art of growing miniature trees in shallow containers.

How to trim a ficus tree

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  1. When you remove the terminal bud the strongest lateral bud takes its place. Always make complete, smooth cuts; never rip or tear a branch.

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