How to stop missing someone

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Is it possible that you would have gotten into a big argument that really hurt both of you? Most of us try really hard to stop thinking about the person and in the process, we also fight all those emotions that come up along with our thoughts. Losing the person you have been thinking about seems to have created some unhappiness for you. The opposite is just too painful.

How to stop missing someone

But, do you know what all of the effects are of losing the person that you were with? Is it possible that you would have changed in some way where you no longer like being with them? We agree with Oscar Wilde and suggest you putting your aching heart and soul into creating art that could translate your emotions into a solid and compelling piece of work to share with other people. Checking with your ex one last time might help you to figure out what to do — get back together, or really move on. Would that really be that horrible a thing? If this is the case, you might want to get in touch with him or her. But, before I talk about how to stop thinking about someone, I just want to briefly explain what missing someone is. The reason why you keep thinking about them or missing them is because you think you would be happier if they were here. On the other hand, perhaps you like the feeling of missing someone that does not miss you. In the process, you could analyze your way of being and lay the grounds for the transformation to come. However, when you focus on doing things that make you feel good, be it self-care, fun with a friend or productivity, you invite more things into your life that make you feel whole. Or, worse, knowing that they can tell you, he or she might make up stories about how his or her life is. And, by the way, how do you know for sure if the person misses you or not; have they said so? And that could make you much happier in your life. Is it possible that something would have happened to make both of you not a good fit for each other anymore? Of course, every human being matters, but our egos want us to really, really matter! It can be your ex-partner, or your deceased or lost pet, or indeed someone close to you who died. Were all of your times together enjoyable? So when you are thinking about someone, it is an uninvestigated assumption that you would be happier if they were here. If you thought that you would be unhappier if they were here, would you continue to think about them? You could check with common friends first — but bear in mind your ex might not share with them how he or she feels either. Aiming at happier thoughts and shifting your attention to other objects can be at least one way of battling your condition. Learn to tolerate these feelings, and in fact find a way to truly accept and embrace them. It means we are fighting our emotions in a roundabout way. Do you want to know how to stop thinking about someone?

How to stop missing someone

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  1. When you miss someone, you imply that you lack something and that your feeling better is dependent on someone else to make you feel good. All those adjectives represent parts of you — those parts of you disown, own, are proud of, or want to work on.

  2. While the articles you find online, such as this one, will help guide you in some way, you need a personal advisor to do your own personal emotional work.

  3. Getting over a sense of loss is a bumpy road potentially full of depression, self-loathing and substance abuse.

  4. It can be your ex-partner, or your deceased or lost pet, or indeed someone close to you who died.

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