How to make myself irresistible to my husband

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Join a yoga class or get an instruction CD and do simple yoga exercises at home together. Give it all it takes. Make him feel handsome and manly with your words. He signed up for a lifetime of being around your feminine spirit.

How to make myself irresistible to my husband

Your husband wants you to respect him despite your beauty, your degree, your status, your intelligence. Once you have given him a massage, ask him to give you one. Increases secretion of feel good hormones like Oxytocin in the body. Which of these 4 ideas are you going to put into practice first? If you use to get into elaborate cooking project with a glass of wine, do that! You get the idea. Develop a moral compass. When I started listening without judging or telling him what to do, he wanted to talk more. Here are a few tips to consider: When I smiled as he was leaving and when he came back instead of scowling and pouting, he came back faster. After all, with unity comes power. You will end up making most of the decisions in the home if you do this. Just like you have passion for your favorite sports team or favorite video game, show some passion about being a great husband. Look him in the eye as you speak to him. You can make a different choice than being mad. Post your comment below. When you look sexy outside you feel sexy inside and you radiate that confidence. Help Him De-stress One of the main reasons why men lose touch with their romantic side is stress. Consume healthy fats like nuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, whole eggs, cheese and dark chocolate in your diet. Allow your wife's sense of beauty and value to you to be influenced by your verbal expressions. Here are a few tips that will help reverse the situation: Increasing blood circulation to vital organs. This article was written by Eric Williams from YourTango and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. And scared that she was not going to be loved. For example, if you used to really enjoy listening to music around the house and maybe even singing and dancing around, do it! These are some common thoughts that might run through your mind as a woman.

How to make myself irresistible to my husband

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  1. Intertwine your fingers with his. Still be true to yourself, but also be aware of the deeper consequences your choices will have before you act on them.

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