How to hump your pillow

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People's Experience Have you tried a hand at masturbation but have not been comfortable with it? There are multiple options available to boys for pillow humping. While i am orgasming, i like to just push down on the pillow while concentrating on the sensation.

How to hump your pillow

Keep rubbing it until your muscles begin to clench and unclench rhythmically. It works best if you have a nice, soft, comforter. It's nice and hard so just a few humps gets me to orgasm. Pillow wank My dick is hard, so I give it a fast wank, then I rub it on a pillow. I insert it and turn it on then I just gently rock back and forth fondling my breasts and nipples. I also like sitting up on the pillow and humping it quickly at a speed I am comfortable with. It takes a little while, but once the water heats up and you cum, your hips will be shakin'! Groove to the music I have a soak in the bath and soap myself, slowly and paying lots of attention to my breasts and clit. It is a known fact that hugging a pillow can provide a girl reassurance and comfort in a long bed. Then I play raunchy music usually Tom Petty! If not, you have to try it. I've tried other things, but they never work. I squeeze the pillow in half, then put my vagina on top of the pillow. I pull out before I come so I don't make a mess. I also just rub my clit while using a dildo, and pump it in and out of me. I love using the arm of a couch to hump when masturbating. If you want to give your man back-arching, toe-curling, screaming orgasms that will keep him sexually obsessed with you, then you can learn these sex techniques in my private and discreet newsletter. I love to pull my panties down only to my ass part and turn around in a mirror. I put light music on and start sliding the pillow a little up my vagina and move around with it. Eventually, orgasms will come more easily from your new method of masturbation. Body pillows are long and often more firm than standard pillows as well. I stack about 3 or 4 pillows on top of each other and I take a small G-spot vibrator and place it on top of the pillows. I start pretending to have sex with my husband. Humping something firm works best, like the corner of a mattress. I'll hump a guy's penis even fully clothed, it's still an amazing feeling. Sometimes I even lie on my bed with a pillow under my pelvis to hold it up and I rub myself. Just position yourself on the corner, lean over the bed helps if the bed is waist high and then do your thing until you're satisfied.

How to hump your pillow

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  1. It adds a bit of friction, and can make for a nice change in sensation when compared with going underwear free. Other times I take pillows and stuff them down my clothes and make myself look like a big mama.

  2. Some girls claim to achieve quick powerful orgasms just from humping something. I'm able to position it right in between my legs on my vagina and I'll just keep humping it until I orgasm.

  3. I stuff my bra and hump that also on top of my bed. Then I put it into my panties and get a pillow and start riding on it.

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