How to deal with spousal infidelity

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A crisis, however awful, offers at least the opportunity to change things - potentially for the better. There's no point in telling your husband, wife or partner that they should sort themselves out. This also counts if your partner or spouse cheated on any previous partners! What you think your partner needs to feel loved can be very different from what he or she actually needs. List its main attributes.

How to deal with spousal infidelity

Perhaps this is an opportunity to look at - and accept - your own fallibility as a human being. After I finally let go of that, I thanked my ex and his affair partner for the doors they had opened for me. When affairs keep happening If affairs keep occurring in your relationships, then it could be time to without blame and with a ton of self compassion examine any underlying limiting beliefs that you have around love. Right from the start, therefore, you'll find yourself wanting to ask questions and needing lots of reassurance. I'm not saying that will be easy, but you'll thank yourself in the long run. Change your everyday routines. Surviving the affair means getting back in the driving seat of your life again - making decisions in good time and healing. Human relationships can be unpredictable at the best of times! In terms of communication, that might involve some serious stepping up as if an affair has happened, you may have already became a bit unstuck in this area. Your brain is simply incapable of doing all the work necessary to make a well-thought out decision. Surviving infidelity does mean that you both need to work hard at making the relationship work again. By surviving infidelity, you'll amass strength and coping strategies - maybe even beyond what you'd ever expected you were capable of. Dealing with Infidelity more helpful it has information on the causes of infidelity too. The Imago Dialogue is an enhanced way of communicating which essentially involves only saying the things that sustain a relationship. That terrible raw feeling will fade gradually - I promise. And get as much support as you can muster. Get creative Do anything with your hands that occupies your mind and gives you a sense of satisfaction. Theoretically, anyone can feel romantically and addictively in love with someone. If the affair is over, your partner may shut down every time you try to talk about what happened, for several reasons Women cheat and men cheat. I'm merely mentioning it so that you're better able to put their behaviour in context. You may find it helpful to keep track of your progress and how you feel. There's nothing worse than people telling you to stay calm and pull it together. Missing the other person However much you're unlikely to be sympathetic, your partner may too feel bereft. Be kind to yourself This might sound mad but do learn to accept yourself for who you are! It's very possible that they might never be happy because they'll always be looking for something else when the problem lies with them.

How to deal with spousal infidelity

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  1. Go on outings together - picnics in the park, concerts, gigs, walks along the beach, walk to previously unexplored parts of the town for more ideas, see my page on how to relieve boredom in your relationship.

  2. This also counts if your partner or spouse cheated on any previous partners! It's a painful, deeply personal experience and only you know what course of action you should take to get beyond the affair.

  3. You now need to consider if it's worth staying in the relationship when your needs are so clearly being trampled on.

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