How to deal with lies in a marriage

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Differences are not a major problem as long as the differences are not about life values and morals. An unwillingness to change is rooted in rebellion. Therapy will help you work through the emotions and move forward, either on your own or as a couple.

How to deal with lies in a marriage

It doesn't matter what I do: Recognize the cultural lies that influence you and counteract them with biblical truth. I just want them to understand that loving feelings can be rekindled. After the confrontation and explanation, pause and ponder before you take the next step. Doing so would encourage your partner to participate in a constructive conversation because when a couple starts playing the blame game, the guilty will only take a defensive stance. Out of frustration, many men feel that if their relationship could be more like the Brady Bunch couple, life would be happier. And his changes in behavior will also take time. Share fbshare twshare pinshare Comments 0 Did you catch your partner lying? An unwillingness to change is rooted in rebellion. Criticism moves to contempt and highly defensive behavior that eventually leads to emotional distance. You should see it in your inbox very soon. The fact that she's continually late or her apartment is a mess is not likely to change because of your undying love. Drawing the Line Your tolerance of certain lies may mean less conflict and more harmony at home. It's time to improve on the divorce statistics and divorce proof your marriage. Would not it be a wonderful world if we could trust people easily? If both spouses in marriage would do this regularly, divorce would be less prevalent. We need to divorce. In this case, it may be time to reach out for guidance from a mental health professional. Take a deep breath and ask whatever is troubling your mind. Acceptance is the first hurdle, after crossing which you will come across the next big hurdle—confrontation. Yes, we are always striving for perfection but the operative phrase is that we should be striving. So, when we catch the person we love most lying to us, our world comes to a halt. Never use an accusatory tone. God will forgive me. The truth is marriage is a covenant, an unbreakable promise. You will find that no matter how you negotiate the relationship, you need mutual submission, respect, honor, empowerment and empathy. We lie to our children, promising ice cream later if they eat their meal first — and then we try to get them to forget our promise.

How to deal with lies in a marriage

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