Horse wormer for autumn

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What are encysted small redworm and what are the dangers? May Worm with moxidectin or 5 day course of fenbendazole This is a guide only. This will help you to decide which wormer to treat with for your winter dose.

Horse wormer for autumn

It is ideal to use the minimum number of treatments possible in a year, as over-worming can lead to resistance. Under dosing is thought to have contributed to certain wormers becoming less effective. Vote for this content: We offer faecal worm egg counts, tapeworm saliva tests and have a range of wormers available at very competitive prices. Strategic dosing for specific worms at specific times of year should be performed on all horses and will help make a difference. Using the same class of wormer every season will help increase the chance of resistance developing. Treat with ivermectin or moxidectin after the first frost has killed off fly activity. With concurrent control measures like these, many horses after being wormed in the spring may not require worming during the grazing season based on worm egg counts. The results of the tests will inform the treatment choices open to you and your prescriber. You could combine this with your encysted redworm dose. Horses should not have eaten, drunk or been exercised for 30 minutes before sampling to stabilise salvia concentration levels. Which wormer do I use for my horse and when? Typically, sudden mass emergence of larvae will occur in spring, damaging the gut, which can cause diarrhoea and colic1. Tapeworms are also common in UK horses and, once again, heavy infestation can cause colic. This is so that re-infection from larvae on the pasture is minimised. Thereafter, simply submit a poo sample for a worm egg count every weeks when you would normally worm. These eggs are ingested by the horse as it scratches and hatch in the mouth, slowly migrating to the stomach where they can cause mild irritation. So here are a few simple rules to follow and some advice that hopefully makes it a little clearer. The swab is returned to the manufacturers for testing using a pre-paid envelope. Contact Autumn Worming As a horse owner you know you need to worm regularly. Targets the horses that most need treatment and reduces chemical usage in the other horses Uses faecal egg count monitoring Avoids over usage of chemicals from the same class of actives Includes products containing pyrantel to ensure adequate control in resistant small strongyles or roundworm Uses moxidectin no more than once a year when treatment for encysted small strongyles is specifically indicated Strategically treats horses based on worm lifecycles and time of year Avoids using single active wormers year after year Involves the quarantine and treatment of new horses with a combination wormer. It may be possible to worm horses less often where there are low stocking densities. Bots Bots are not worms but the maggot stage of a large fly which is active during the summer months. If not and especially if the same or worse, you have resistance and need to choose a different class of drug. We welcome the opportunity to work with yard managers to create a yard worming protocol to protect all the horses that share the same pasture. What is a Tapeworm Saliva Test? In the autumn we would advise you to focus your efforts on tapeworm and encysted small red worm control.

Horse wormer for autumn

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  1. Alternatively, a double dose of pyrantel can be recommended for administration if; ascarids are also present more likely in foals or youngstock or the redworm population in question is known to not be resistant to pyrantel. You could combine this with your encysted redworm dose.

  2. The worms we specifically need to be aware of in our horses through autumn and winter are adult redworm , encysted redworm , tapeworm and bots.

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