History of sex reah tannahill

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This alone must encourage a slight prejudice towards anarchy and against super-states and a very strong prejudice towards democracy and secularism. Indeed it was thought that if a man had sex with enough different women he could attain immortality. Roosevelt on November 8, , and his inauguration on March 4, , was one of tremendous political ferment.

History of sex reah tannahill

It also probably inspired the Kama Sutra, but from what I have read of that it is quite crude and treats women no better than beasts. It also offers us two contrasting traditions whose dialectic will be as influential as the Judaeo-Christian death instinct and courtly love have been in the creation of the Western soul. She does not say but we would add that it created the conformist death instinct that materially contributed to the dumb willingness to die in a trench for an abstraction. This is not to exonerate patriarchy by any means, but it is to question the accepted view that 'respectable' Judaeo-Christian morality did much more than protect some at the expense of others. The greatest enemy of both the free woman and the free man appears, so often throughout history and as demonstrated by Tannahill repeatedly, not so much the male as the authoritarian and conservative female to whom the powerful male will bend for the quiet life. The really bad thing with the Catholic Church is that it has set up a moral standard that drives sex so far underground as a taboo unlike the spiritual traditions of Tantra or Tao or even the pragmatic reformism of solid European Protestantism that vile acts are tolerated - as if not saying is not doing. In fact, other than in the mad 'kinder, kirche, kuche' era of interwar Europe and the separate hypocrisies of patriarchal catholicism, the Europeans have retained the basis for a healthy liberalism in sexual matters. Both options of course are preferable to the sex as sin approach pursued in the west. Within thirty years, the number has risen to 1,, Respectability, generally based on poor science and the desire to exclude the other and preserve privilege, has so often been cover for racist protectionism - as British wives came to Imperial India to enforce. It is a cheap shot to say that the Church had its own brothel during its Avignon period yet, while enforcing sexual continence on the masses, there is evidence enough and it is only commonsense given the human condition that some churchmen were far from celibate and often exploitative. The apartheid of courtly love created two dichotomies, not only between men and women but between 'us' the tamed aristocracy of blood and 'them' humanity in the raw. Dialogue, any serious communication, is discouraged because any open discussion is almost inevitably going to expose 'difference' and 'difference' means that the stereotype ceases to be a stereotype. Today, we must see China differently. It is the same with the denial of condom use in Africa which is directly related to the mass murder of potentially millions. But neither of these are insoluable. This was a top-down moralism that crushed the souls and spirits of many men and most women. This was just one class of women determined on the control of the males of their own class and on the organisation and acculturation of everything below them to their 'standards'. Rauchway reveals that, far from the haphazard expertimenter he is often thought to be, FDR had a coherent plan for saving the country from the Great Depression even before he arrived in office. Given the conditions in which these girls worked, the labour use of their bodies and the lack of use of their minds was no better than prostitution unless you were determined on a morality of 'respectability'. We may extrapolate that Neo-Confucian resistance to Western radical sexual liberalism need not be assumed to mean puritanism in private, although foreign conquest and the malign influence of Western missionaries and Marxist earnestness as well as state-driven population control have driven much of the richness away and replaced it with a dogged seriousness that would gain the approval of many an Anglo-Saxon harridan seeking to re-moralise society. Similarly, she is not sentimental. The two men represented not only different political parties, but entirely different approaches to the question of the day: It is embedded within a culture of silence and hypocrisy. The other is the conformist order-driven top-down culture of Neo-Confucianism which is not, by any means, anti-sexual but is concerned with public propriety. Since Tannahill wrote her book, we have seen further revolutions in the West - an increased though still inadequate economic equality between the sexes, the slow removal of the faiths from moral governance except where individuals, as is their right, choose to embrace them, the acceptance of non-exploitative consensual sexual difference as 'normal' and the acceptance of a variety of sexual partnerships and liaisons that merely require government to intervene to protect the weaker party. The villain of the story is not feminism.

History of sex reah tannahill

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  1. Both arise not from viciousness per se but from stupidity and liberal economics and globalisation.

  2. The book is not only about Western attitudes - it covers East and South Asia and is generous about the Americas before and after the Spanish Conquest, as well as telling a reasonable tale of Muslim sexual mores and their translation into that peculiar revolution amongst the Frankish upper classes, courtly love.

  3. The Amerindians may have been treated appallingly by the Spanish conquistadores - their culture if not their persons by the incoming bishops - but the sexual laws of the Aztecs and Incas show no indication of 'noble savagery'. It also probably inspired the Kama Sutra, but from what I have read of that it is quite crude and treats women no better than beasts.

  4. Contrasted with the West in the book is what is now clearly its rival, China. In fact, other than in the mad 'kinder, kirche, kuche' era of interwar Europe and the separate hypocrisies of patriarchal catholicism, the Europeans have retained the basis for a healthy liberalism in sexual matters.

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