Getting married at town hall in ct

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Back to top of Page Can a Connecticut Justice of the Peace marry people from another state or another country? There are several other popular destination wedding venues listed on the Locations Page. Some places on the suggested locations Page are very popular. If your wedding license is returned by mail, the wise officiant always send it via certified mail with a return receipt requested.

Getting married at town hall in ct

The Connecticut premarital blood test requirement was repealed effective on October 1, Back to top of Page Can a Connecticut Justice of the Peace marry people from another state or another country? Some wedding venues do not permit flowers real or artificial to be put on the path. You are joined by as many of your guests as can attend. Please check with the Town Clerk where you reside or plan to have your wedding ceremony. The person at the Town Clerk's Office who issues your license is by law not permitted to marry you. Yes, boys can strew flowers, too! Alternative wedding officiants, such as Justices of the Peace, usually offer you the most options of all wedding officiants and have the fewest rules that you must follow. Getting a marriage license with your new name on it does not mean your name has automatically changed. The Town Clerk's Office may ask for your phone number if you do not give them your officiant's name. The people in the Town Clerk's Office want your celebration to be a success; they will help you however they can. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. It's all about you! Back to top of Page Who can perform marriages in Connecticut? As soon as your marriage license is filed at Town Hall and the Clerk or Assistant Clerk signs it, there is a legal record that you are married. There is no waiting period after you get your license. No blood test or physical exam is required. Marriage Age Requirements Connecticut: You are strongly cautioned that Connecticut has cracked down on people getting "ordained" via the Internet. The Connecticut marriage law changed, effective on October 1, Supporting documentation may be found at the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries , and specifically http: Many same-sex couples elope to Connecticut because they cannot yet get married in their home states. And there is no reason to have any guests, if you don't want people at your wedding ceremony. How many guests would you like to have? Marriage Ceremony Requirement Connecticut:

Getting married at town hall in ct

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  1. A wedding officiant will officiate at a wedding ceremony. Please confirm with your wedding officiant that they are legally authorized to join people in marriage in Connecticut.

  2. Connecticut does not require that there be any witnesses although religious entities may require witnesses.

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