Gentle fellatio

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Some mistakenly believe that good technique requires taking as much of the penis as possible into the mouth—and this is definitely not true. Partners who wish that fellatio would end with a swallow should look on the bright side: If it is a problem, talk about it and try to understand each other's point of view, keeping in mind that there are a range of ways to enjoy a couple's sexuality and also a range of ways to show your affection and acceptance. In this case, a video or book that specializes in fellatio technique could be helpful. Taking away the sense of obligation often works wonders—for fellatio and for sex in general.

Gentle fellatio

Often, the gag reflex fades away as the partner giving fellatio begins to enjoy it as much as the person receiving it. Tips to prevent gagging during fellatio. Create one sensation with your hands, like a gentle twisting motion on the shaft, and another with your mouth, like a more intense sucking motion on just the glans of the penis. Hair can trap sweat, urine, splash-back from the toilet and anything else the genital area comes into contact with. There are no rules, so have fun and do only what feels good and comfortable. If you can optimize those, you're going to satisfy your partner. When talking about fellatio, few questions are asked more than: First, men are very visual creatures, and the enjoyment of watching a lover orally pleasure them can be highly arousing. Fellatio is a sex act that's performed for a variety of reasons, with a variety of techniques, and the decision about whether or not to swallow is part of the same consideration. What may seem like a new scent to a partner at first may, over time, become more comfortable, familiar and appealing. Then resume other sexual activities that are less threatening, for the time being. Some mistakenly believe that good technique requires taking as much of the penis as possible into the mouth—and this is definitely not true. If the odor persists, or smells different or especially bad, it may be a sign of infection or a disorder of the sweat glands, warranting a visit to the doctor or other health care provider. Another great way to add novelty to fellatio is to wait until a guy is highly aroused before taking him in your mouth. How to approach a partner who doesn't like fellatio even though you do! Remember, the more fun you're having, the better the fellatio is likely to feel for a partner. Fortunately, fellatio can take many forms, which is part of what can make it so enjoyable for the giver and the receiver. Gagging can make oral sex a constant battle with a partner who wants it, or more of a chore than a pleasure for those who continue to perform it. Genital odor is the result of active glands in the genital area, much like the underarms, which produce bacteria that thrive in warm, moist conditions. Most men enjoy fellatio. Many are curious about fellatio, but fears of gagging or bad past experiences have turned them off to it. Still other men and women are under the impression that fellatio and swallowing are one in the same. At least a couple of explanations may account for men's love of fellatio. One solution for gagging during fellatio, no matter when it occurs, is to regain a sense of control over what's happening. That's okay, too—everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to sex. You can, however, make sure body odor doesn't get in the way of that appeal or a partner's willingness to perform oral sex.

Gentle fellatio

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  1. A partner who doesn't like to swallow will often finish a guy with manual stimulation, let the ejaculate land elsewhere, or switch to intercourse, and that's just fine. Fellatio brings a person into close contact with a partner's odor, which can be a turn-on when right and a turn-off when not.

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