Games to play in a group chat

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Simply ask a question and tell your friends to answer immediately. The game continues until you reach a point where you can't make a word that starts with that letter and has not been used before. The concept of this game is elegantly simple yet it requires a degree of intelligence to succeed at it. If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would you give up?

Games to play in a group chat

If you could have chosen a first name, other than the one you have, which name would you choose? If you could have a servant who performed two tasks only, what two things would that servant do? Texting games can provide hours of fun in their own right. If you had to relive any one year of your life but were unable to change anything about it, which year would you relive? What frightened you as a child? Another amazing game is to give your friends some crazy scenarios and ask them would they rather do this or do that. Begin by telling your opponent where you are to at least give them a fighting chance. What moments have there been like that in your life? For others it can come quite naturally. Bam Fu for iOS Rs. Simple Quiz Image Credit: What one single politician in your country do you most wish would never hold office again? If you could keep only one article of clothing that you currently own, and the rest would be thrown out, what would you keep? Are there any songs you find "haunting"? Name Ten This is a fun and frolic family related game and is very simple to play. Then your friends will ask you questions over text about that thing and you have to reply with just Yes or No. If you are a child, what frightens you now? If you had to have a dinner party for 6, what would you serve and how? Whom do you wish others would choose to play you? If you are not married, what, if anything, scares you most about marriage? If you could have a vacation home anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would the house be like? If you could have one meal from your past exactly as it was, which meal would you repeat? If you could recover one physical thing you've lost in your lifetime, what would you wish to find? The game continues until you reach a point where you can't make a word that starts with that letter and has not been used before. If practical concerns were not an issue e. What 5 adjectives first come to mind when you think of yourself?

Games to play in a group chat

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