Funny insults for your friends

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As an outsider, what do you think of the human race? Have you been shopping lately? You're so fat, you leave footprints in concrete. We can always tell when you are lying. Calling you an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people.

Funny insults for your friends

I guess you prove that even god makes mistakes sometimes. I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works. If I had a face like yours, I'd sue my parents. You so dumb, you think Cheerios are doughnut seeds. Keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent! You're like Monday mornings, nobody likes you. Shock me, say something intelligent. Just because you have one doesn't mean you have to act like one. It's better to let someone think you are an Idiot than to open your mouth and prove it. Your family tree must be a cactus because everybody on it is a prick. Why don't you slip into something more comfortable I'd slap you, but that would be animal abuse. The only way you'll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chicken's ass and wait. You must have been born on a highway because that's where most accidents happen. Are you always this stupid or is today a special occasion? Don't like my sarcasm, well I don't like your stupid. Your house is so dirty you have to wipe your feet before you go outside. All day I thought of you You get ten times more girls than me? You're so ugly, you scared the crap out of the toilet. You have Diarrhea of the mouth; constipation of the ideas. You are so old, when you were a kid rainbows were black and white. We can always tell when you are lying. Did someone leave your cage open? Don't you need a license to be that ugly?

Funny insults for your friends

You are so old, your standard-certificate registered. Why don't you give into something more website I was at the zoo. A every fat woman there is a monstrous woman. To recover you laugh on Behalf, I need to you right on Wednesday.

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