Fractionation dating

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In fact, women are known to be completely addicted to the soap operas they watch on TV or the trashy Mills and Boon novels that they read. In fact, it works even better on an existing relationship because you can then draw on real past experiences to get her to Fractionate. I met someone who I grew very close to very quickly… …but only a few days later she got into a horrible car accident.

Fractionation dating

See that she lightens up, and then hit her with a sad story to bring her back down again. As this word of caution was released, our resident Baltimore Lair seduction knowledge holder, BrianX formulated his own version of the technique. Then, ask her about what she likes and dislikes about her job, etc. It was pretty annoying, and I tried to brush him off. When the prospective client meets you for the first time, he is usually skeptical and may be somewhat cold to you. They should probably go see a shrink instead and get their heads examined. Now what if I tell you that this may well come true in a week or two from now? No credit card required. This is going to take a LOT of practice. Get her to project into her future; i. All You Need To Know! The good news is that this knowledge is already available for you right here, right now. And you know what… when a female goes through an emotional roller coaster, her mind automatically ASSUMES an emotional connection with the story and the storyteller. How to use Fractionation to get an ex back? For more sample Fractionation scripts as well as the most complete collection on Mind Control-based seduction techniques dubbed as Shogun Sequences as well as the Black Rose Sequence, click on this button below: One Sentence Fractionation Hypnosis: However, the reality is that this technique is neither good nor bad. At the very least, you would have damaged her emotional well-being somewhat. Read on… exciting stuff ahead! Fractionation Seduction Examples — Theory The basic outline is to talk normal, and then talk in purely emotionally driven language. A couple of weeks, at least. There are two basic steps in this seduction technique: No credit card required. If this is the case, I want you to stop reading at this point and leave this website. So far, so good?

Fractionation dating

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  1. Unfortunately, the Fractionation Seduction technique cannot be summarized into one article, as it needs to be learned in detail. Only men with good intentions should even consider using this technique — and not very often.

  2. In fact, women are known to be completely addicted to the soap operas they watch on TV or the trashy Mills and Boon novels that they read. The second set is a specialized Fractionation sequence which you can use to rekindle an old romance or get an ex-girlfriend back.

  3. More Advice Try to build suspense when talking to women — just think how much girls love drama! Then talk about what you had for dinner, and talk about the meal itself, rather than how you felt about it.

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