Effects of pre marital sex on marriage

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When two people learn about sex together for the first time within marriage, they are creating vivid and unforgettable memories. Sexual purity is a way to show respect for others and to confirm their dignity as human beings. The damage is not easily detected or immediately felt. Like Adam and Eve you realize your nakedness before God, and because you are not equipped to deal with it at such an early age, you sink into an abyss of self-loathing and destructive behavior.

Effects of pre marital sex on marriage

But if we give it again and again before giving it to our marriage companion, it will have lost its sacred meaning. Couples are also more likely to live together before marriage. That dignity and value comes because we are handmade by God in his image — God's spiritual and moral image Genesis 1: And do you know about cervical cancer, a disease that is proven to be more prevalent among sexually active teenage girls? Their value and dignity is lost. What should my goals be? I think you get the point. Neither of these two trends changed much after the first decade of the twenty-first century. We see evidence of that when a girl stays with a partner who physically abuses her, and who often treats her like dirt. The damage is not easily detected or immediately felt. In addition, marital satisfaction was higher for women who had fewer sexual partners, and marital dissatisfaction was greater in proportion to the number of partners. We are protected within this boundary. He looked and looked and looked to find a special gift for her on their wedding day. When we wait until the wedding night, we have a most special gift that has been reserved for our chosen lifelong companion. That dignity is the sense of nobility, worthiness, and honor God puts in everyone. We have seen those who had no rules, no curfews, who could make all their own decisions, but who wanted some guidance. Rules in any realm are to protect us and give us freedom to enjoy the activity we are engaging in — whether it be sports or whatever. Well, I would like to shed a little more light on this subject with something that must be said more and more often if we are going to make any progress helping single people lead more chaste lives and become good marriage partners. Studies have shown that premarital sex also increases the rate of cheating after marriage. Christ didn't come to save the righteous, but to save sinners Mark 2: We have shared our very bodies and souls with another and when we don't find meaning in the relationship we feel that we have been stripped of our dignity and self worth. Things looked very different at the start of the new millennium. I felt so vuleranable that it caused me to mistrust everything he did. There are physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational effects of an immoral life-style. Many end up in counseling or therapy to deal with problems related to "teenage" sex.

Effects of pre marital sex on marriage

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