Easy places to have sex

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On top of a pool table, because any flat surface will work. That's why getting it on while hiking might be on your romp bucket list. And after your orgasm?

Easy places to have sex

At a rest stop along a highway. In the changing room the next time you go clothes shopping at the mall. No matter what you do, remember to be safe and take all necessary precautions. One thing is for certain — with so many different positions, devices you both can add, and places to have sex, your sex life should be far from boring. In The Movie Theater Like a private restroom, the trick to making this rendezvous exciting and successful is going during a random time where not many people are in the theater. Advertisement Let me tell you straight: Instead, she suggests going for a well-maintained, chlorinated swimming pool. On the kitchen counter. Do like those car models do and slip and slide all over your car's hood. Be spontaneous and have some fun getting the excitement back. As Singer says, the best way to approach this ahem, sticky, situation is to let the driver in on the fun. The Changing Room While you definitely get bored after, say, one minute, of shopping with your girlfriend, the thought that gets you through the many outfit changes is that she's butt naked behind that curtain or door. Just don't leave home without a blanket. Sex expert Coleen Singer adds that another appeal of this type of romp is the throwback vibes it provides. If you are lucky enough to get a row to yourselves, wait until the flight attendants finish food and beverage service and get settled into their area in the galley for the night," Singer suggests. The best part of about this public sex idea is that you can afford to be a little louder because there likely won't be too many people around. You've probably thought about surprising her while she's changing for a quickie. Pitch a tent, but first actually pitch a tent. On a picnic blanket after you finish your wine and sandwiches. Yes, things can get shaky, so don't get carried away. Have your parents take the children out for play time and revisit sexy time amongst your old stuffed animals. It's the experience itself that's memorable. That might not be quite as satisfying as you'd imagined, but it is a whole lot easier and less likely to get you in trouble. On a washing machine during spin cycle. When there isn't anyone around — likely at nighttime — find a shady tree, bring a blanket and go at it. Sure it's exciting to have sex in a car, but the hood is hotter.

Easy places to have sex

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  1. Hiking The Trails Forget a candlelight dinner for two, you and your gal love to explore the wild unknown — making trails and nature more of a turn on than aphrodisiac menu.

  2. Singer explains, "The trick here is that the guy needs to do the recon to make sure no one is in there and then sneak the gal in. On top of the washing machine, so you can feel the vibrations.

  3. Singer says it's a smart concept because the great outdoors offers many options for sexual adventuring:

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