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She could never get a managerial or executive level type job on her own merits. So you might be wondering: After speaking to some DC clients who gave me stats on the percentage of clients per tour that actually get married, it would seem that Mark's true success rate - based on the percentage of clients who actually get married - is around 10 or 11 percent. From there, the above link. Either way, the point is, Mark is obviously using a misleading and inaccurate criteria for defining his "success rate".

Dreamconnections com

However, the fact is that while he was indeed on that show, he was brought there by AFA as a guest of theirs, to showcase his marriage to his wife Anna as a testimonial of the success of AFA. Some people are more suited for finding their bride and soulmate in other places, like Asia or Latin America. In addition, DC tours do not even include basic meals such as lunch and dinner, except for some catering events. If this isn't proof that DC gets women from local agencies, I don't know what is. We all know that. Finally, DC has been known to use other local marriage agencies to supply them with unscreened ladies for the social events at the last minute if not enough women show up. That is the primary purpose of the DC Quest Tour after all. Airfare is not even included. Is Mark's picture-perfect image of Dream Connections accurate? You've heard Mark Davis, its founder, speak on video with such enthusiasm, positivity and confidence that is contagious. Are you a good woman? And this is the issue they and other agencies wont tell you about in fear of losing business. However, this claim is unproven and unjustified, as I will explain in a later section below. Here is a DC promotional video where I was actually dumbfounded to hear the girl Tatiana, on the left actually say she came from a local agency "Slavyanka". There are many others from this agency. The thing is, most of the DC tours are in Ukraine, a country where prices are dirt cheap and a dollar can go a long way. There's no depth or personality to her. So it's well corroborated by multiple sources and eye witnesses, and also easily observable from DC videos where you can see Anna's personality and expression on camera. So it's a good bet that if Mark refuses to disclose something, then it's because it would look bad and unfavorable, not because he simply values his privacy. It only allows well off unfrugal men to join. If you are an average guy, your chance of success on the tour getting married is about 1 out of 10, or 10 percent. So in effect, she is like a second CEO. It's not only rude, but it shows that she lacks basic social etiquette. The answer was that their agency had called them that morning. Here's a question for your readers to ponder: Without Mark, she would be nothing.

Dreamconnections com

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  1. This has been reported and testified to from various sources, thus their tours are not scam-free as they claim. Therefore, if she has bad people skills, then I definitely wouldn't trust her to screen people, since people are not her forte at all.

  2. Something that was truly focused on helping good men find a spouse and eliminating the bad eggs from both sides.

  3. During my DC tour, I asked multiple women how they ended up at the event. Without Mark, she would be nothing.

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