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Napster had lost its zest. The industry might be belatedly wrestling a business model into shape in the online age, but an opportunity to do so a decade ago was probably missed. Not a single MP3 was stored on its servers; the software simply enabled users to download from each other. The RIAA accused her of downloading and distributing more than 1, music files on file-sharing site KaZaA, but took legal action on 24 works for efficiency.

Download everyone else has had more sex

There was no transition. Why would anyone do that? Fanning was a year younger, an unsmiling boy from Massachusetts who shaved his head against the curled, or "nappy", hair that had earned him his nickname. It was like that famous shot from But both Fanning and Parker were incredibly smart. There was a weekend in February that felt like the last days of Rome. I was a model Napster user: Napster had weightier legacies. He was 18, skinny, with gelled-up red hair and a tendency to look at the floor when he spoke. Fanning was a star, sought out at a tech conference by two little-known developers, Larry and Sergey , who told him how much they envied what he'd built. Parker and Fanning, meanwhile, have reunited. Alex Winter told me he met a woman, in the course of making his documentary, who over a decade later was still embroiled in a multi-million-dollar action. Napster was a ridiculous leap forward. The trade group filed their first complaint against Thomas-Rasset in on behalf of six record labels and has been embroiled in a legal battle with her ever since. For my part — plundering singles by Artful Dodger, by Semisonic — I have a memory of actually looking over my shoulder. Parker suggested they collaborate and he met "napster", or Shawn Fanning, for the first time in person. By the time Napster turned off the tap, I'd left home for university, and had got to know a record shop in my new area. By the summer of , Napster had dramatically expanded and about 14, songs were being downloaded every minute. Some way from San Mateo, in suburban London I had just become one myself. The court battles dragged on and on — long after Parker, millions of users and even Fanning himself had left Napster behind. By October it had 4m songs in circulation. After the court-ordered shutdown, bosses flirted with the idea of reinstating free sharing, but with music that had the lo-fi quality of radio. Music was something you bought after protracted debate with friends in the aisles of Our Price , and then, suddenly, songs were accessible from home. They're now at work on a fresh venture, a video-conferencing application called Airtime , which seeks to pair up strangers who have similar interests. Facebook, iTunes and other towering digital giants have flourished using elements first teased or pioneered by Fanning's software. He worked on a borrowed PC in his uncle's office in Massachusetts and slept in a nearby utility cupboard during days-long programming sessions.

Download everyone else has had more sex

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  1. A Space Odyssey, when the prehistoric monkey throws a bone in the air and it turns into a spaceship. Chuck D thought of file-sharing as "the new radio".

  2. By October it had 4m songs in circulation. Shown the door, Parker asked Fanning for help, but his friend was so weary and disillusioned that he only said:

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