Dominican republic sex offender registry

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Having said that, every time I return to the United States My own home country I am detained for sometimes up to an hour. The only hiccup was upon return the agent took an inordinate amount of time checking me through, and I just assumed it was because I showed up somehow on their database as a S. First, I should explain that I have not traveled to any of the other English speaking countries U. But we were at a immigration office in a small town so no waiting; just walk in apply and walk out 30 minutes later with passport stamped. I was taken by another officer to a fairly large detention room with a lot of people in it — mostly Hispanics.

Dominican republic sex offender registry

We are planning another trip there this December so we will see what happens next. They checked my plane tickets, etc. For this reason, I have just avoided them. This is a very big hardship. Were you detained or questioned as a result of your past offense? My trips are almost entirely for business and I am a partner in a manufacturing company with a factory in Asia and customers all over the world. We believe this to be discriminatory for two reasons: While we greatly appreciate all readers who send us their experiences, you should always base your decisions on multiple sources of information. It appeared to me that they were going to arrest me, which was, of course, a bit disturbing. Only I was being questioned, they told my relatives they could leave, but they sat down in chairs. In case of accidents, only the driver will be taken into custody. The only hiccup was upon return the agent took an inordinate amount of time checking me through, and I just assumed it was because I showed up somehow on their database as a S. Motor vehicle authorities report that less than one percent of motorcyclists in the country are actually licensed. Motorcycles and motor scooters are common, and they are often driven erratically. Police stop drivers using cell phones without the benefit of these devices. Customs and am afraid of being caught, I am bothered to remain standing for up to two hours in Customs until they get around to clearing my computer. Be especially vigilant when driving at night as drivers do not always use their lights and when driving in rural areas or along the border as animals are often encountered in the roadways. She repeated over and over that this was just random. Also, we will recommend to our members that they not carry laptops with them, nor travel to any country requiring a visa. It is embarrassing if I am traveling with someone and they will not allow that person to stay with me. They did not make them leave. His laptop and camera were searched and, after an hour, were returned to him. They strip search me, check for warrants, damage my luggage as they tear it apart and throw everything back in and dare me to say anything. I put up with it because I refuse to relinquish my right to travel. We already know that felons are being denied entry into Canada.

Dominican republic sex offender registry

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  1. Please email us here if you have some valuable information to share with other readers. Although there may be a lack of enforcement, it is illegal to drive while intoxicated or inebriated whether due to the consumption of alcohol or narcotics.

  2. Private bus lines are available when traveling between large urban centers and to popular tourist destinations. In fact, I travel internationally on average of five times of year, mostly to Europe and Asia but occasionally to South America and several times to Africa.

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