Dealing with the crazymakers in your life

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In the first situation we have a Sufferer who can never be pleased. What these types of people do is push boundaries, so if we are in a relationship with them our lesson is to learn to set boundaries and keep them. Remember we will never win in verbal warfare against an adult-child. If we give them any room for battle they will win, silence takes this away from them. Quick tips to deal with crazy making people:

Dealing with the crazymakers in your life

He is rigid, controlling and manipulative. They prefer to put the least amount of effort into life and relationships, all the while expecting the largest result. Learn to say no without explanation. We have to think new thoughts and take new and unfamiliar actions. To deal with these people we have to face fears of conflict and the noise of their tantrums. To add to the damage, others can point this out to them and even show them this article and they will read it and think the article is talking about the other person and not them. Welcome to Sherrie Campbell PhD. If this sounds familiar, keep reading there is help up ahead. These individuals are often very insecure and micro-manage their insecurities by controlling everything and everyone in their world. We are responsible for ourselves and our well-being. She hangs onto old wounds and grievances, and never forgives. Sadly, because they lack insight into understanding who and how they are, these people are not going to change. Here is a picture of a people-pleasing woman who is enmeshed with her mother, and their relationship appears to be toxic—that is, not life-giving, but rather draining and dysfunctional. They somehow distort that their motives are always pure and are adept at marketing themselves as helpless victims if they do not get their way or if they get confronted on their self-centered behavior. The challenge is how to live in relationship with them, if that is what you choose to do, while not being overwhelmed by them. To them people are in their lives for one reason and one reason only, and that is to supply their needs. She's been driving me up a wall and I can't get away, so it was really good to read this book and discover 1 I'm actually NOT insane, and 2 how to love her regardless of how she treats me while still setting boundaries. They demonstrate a complete lack of reliability. For this reason people in relationships with them often get fed up with the need to constantly remind them to tidy up, listen more closely, or to get organized. Their life, however, is their responsibility and all that needs to happen is we need to get back to letting our lives be our responsibility. I love all visitors. We must learn to discern the difference. This means they apply no forethought or concern for how their desires will affect the lives, schedules or commitments of those around them. It comes in one very simple answer. It just takes practice. We can see CrazyMaking qualities in both of these situations. To follow are some quick tips to help aid us in dealing with these annoying people.

Dealing with the crazymakers in your life

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  1. Tony- this is the book I recommended to you at lunch last week, bro. Remember we will never win in verbal warfare against an adult-child.

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