Civilian salute protocol

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President Barack Obama for not doing it. Every soldier saluting another uniformed soldier is entitled to be saluted in return. In addition, the right to style himself Highness Majesty , which since its Roman origin expresses the sovereign authority of the state, was denied to all "vassals" , a title of great importance in international relations, was formally restricted to rulers of relatively high salute ranks originally only those with eleven guns or more, later also those with nine guns.

Civilian salute protocol

There is no official requirement that appears in the official Warrant of the VC, nor in Queen's Regulations and Orders, but tradition dictates that this occurs and as such the Chiefs of Staff will salute a Private awarded either a VC or George Cross. The upper arm is horizontal and the fingers point to the temple but do not touch it or the headgear. When the soldier announces to a higher-ranking person he has to state the superior's rank, his rank and his name. But nowadays, with Faux News playing all the time in the background everywhere I seem to go, it seems that most of my reasonable old comrades have become pretty extreme, politically speaking. So that part is kind of hard to believe. The salute hand or head must be performed first by the lower ranking personnel to the higher ranking personnel, and higher official is expected to return the salute, under all conditions except: Originally, in the Reichswehr it was not permitted to perform the salute when the soldier is not wearing uniform headgear. We talked about this kind of stuff, protocol, on long, boring nights when there was nothing better to do. Move the right hand to the temple, and have it parallel to the ground. During such times, it was considered undignified to present a dirty palm in the salute, so the hand was turned through 90 degrees. Within the Turkish military hand salutes are only given when a cover protection for the head, usually a hat is worn. Written by Jason Dias Is the president allowed to salute ever? Back then, most of the people in my unit would have probably agreed. Every soldier saluting another uniformed soldier is entitled to be saluted in return. One or two finger tips lightly resting against the right part of the head gear visor , so that the hand does not obstruct the eye. Certain kinds of people love to think about Obama being scolded by our military professionals. The salute must be performed by the lower rank officials to the higher rank officials under all conditions except when the higher rank official is not in uniform or if the lower rank official is the driver and the vehicle is in motion. Salute is given with the right hand palm facing forward and fingers slightly touching the right side of the forehead, but not on the forehead. German military[ edit ] In the German Bundeswehr , the salute is performed with a flat hand, with the thumb resting on the index finger. It is a breach of protocol. Hand salutes are performed only when carrying head gear, if bare headed normally only indoors a slight bow is made instead. There are some exceptions in Polish regulations when salute is not demonstrated, for instance after proclaiming alert in military unit area. Civilians are not qualified to render it. When a military formation encounters a superior, it has to state the name of the formation. When in uniform and not wearing headdress one does not salute. Unlike in the US Army, saluting is not a constant part of day to day barracks life. A salute may not be given unless a soldier is wearing his regimental headdress, for example a beret , caubeen , Tam o' Shanter , Glengarry , field service cap or peaked cap.

Civilian salute protocol

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  1. It perfectly mirrors the gesture made when knights greeted each other to show friendly intentions by raising their visors to show their faces.

  2. Move the right hand to the temple, and have it parallel to the ground. The story on the web is that the pilot refused to let Obama on board until he went back to the Marine standing guard.

  3. The same applies if the right hand is carrying any item that cannot easily be transferred to the left hand. Hitler wore a uniform.

  4. Every president before Reagan honored protocol and honored our democracy — a place where the civilians are in charge.

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