Chatzy mobile app

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Once purchased, a dialogue box will appear asking if you want to use the template right away or you want to use it later. There are several possibilities: Certain functions can be reserved for trusted as opposed to non-trusted visitors. The world's largest social network. If they are modified regularly, they will stay open indefinitely.

Chatzy mobile app

Signing up is, of course, free and only takes a minute. The program can be installed on Android. How do I change my email address? In addition to the normal login procedure where you enter your email address, get a confirmation email, and choose a password, you can log into Chatzy with any of these third-parties click on the link to edit your authorized apps: You can start building an app based on this template directly after the template has been purchased. You can define up to replacements, with a total of characters. By default, the system trusts registered visitors, but this can be changed in the "Trust newbies" setting under Room Properties. You may be registered and perfectly able to send email yourself, but if Chatzy is not part of the group, our email invitations will be returned and never read by their recipients. Your email is hidden for all other users, even Moderators. You can enter into rooms where the owner only allows users with a confirmed email to enter. As administrator or Moderator in a virtual room, you can ban unwanted users. Do I need to send out an invitation for each chat? Normal visitors participate in the chat without any special rights unless this has been changed under Room Properties. If you enter a sentence, like "I need help", then "I" and "need" and "help" will each trigger the rule, also in other sentences! Also, chat rooms not used for a period of time will be deleted automatically see previous question. The addresses are never used for any other purpose, as outlined in our strict Privacy Policy. Visitors with a registered email can be appointed permanently, Unregistered visitors can be appointed temporarily until they leave the room , Offline unregistered visitors cannot be appointed. As a registered user, you have a "My Rooms" list where all rooms you enter, create or get invited to are automatically saved. To include emoticons in your chat posts, enter its keyword in double square brackets. Please create an app to integrate this feature. Once purchased, a dialogue box will appear asking if you want to use the template right away or you want to use it later. How long do you keep a chat room open? You cannot remove a chat room in itself. The link should look like this: Notice that we do not archive visible content. Please notice that we are not able to decide who is the most legitimate administrator of a Quick Chat.

Chatzy mobile app

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  1. When you start a Quick Chat or at any time after the chat starts also in Virtual Rooms , you can send out email invitations.

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